Stephen King’s IT Miniseries Almost Made Georgie’s Death More Horrifying

Stephen King’s film opens with Georgie’s death it The miniseries are inherently scary – but the cutscenes make it even worse.One of King’s most disturbing monsters is Pennywise the Dancing Clown, who was nightmarishly played by Tim Curry in the 1990s it The miniseries made him an icon. Despite the character’s brief screen time, Curry’s Pennywise will haunt the dreams of young viewers for years to come. This is especially true due to the infamous storm drain scene. In this flashback scene, young Georgie Denbrough meets Pennywise, who attempts to lure him into the sewers.

in these two it The miniseries, like the 2017 movie, is a deeply disturbing scene that sets the tone for the rest of the story. It should be noted that while the miniseries chose not to show any gore, Information Technology: Chapter 1 George’s arm is graphically bitten off, and the doomed boy is later dragged into a storm drain.Of course, R-rated it Scenes like this might have happened in the movie, but it would have been nearly impossible for ABC’s adaptation to depict something so violent.based on documentary Pennywise: The Story of ITHowever, one of George’s major scenes was deleted as being too disturbing.

IT edited the scene with Georgie’s body.

originally, it There’s a scene in the miniseries where a fireman carries Georgie’s armless body to the Denbroughs’ house. His mother – understandably – will be devastated by the news, Lady Denbrough star Sheila Megill recounts in The Movie about the process of filming the scene. Pennywise: The Story of IT. While not particularly graphic, the scene featuring George’s body was deemed a bit dangerous for television viewers, so it was removed and has never been seen again. It is worth noting that Tony Dakota, who played Georgie, later appeared in a movie called ” george.

IT edited the “Blood Oath” scene

Losers Club 1990

like in king’s it In the novel, the childhood portion of the miniseries ends with the children taking a blood oath. This promise brings them together again as adults to face Pennywise one last time. When it came to the show, there were concerns about filming a scene in which a group of children cut themselves and share blood, especially due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic at the time. In the final version of the scene, the “Losers’ Club” simply swore an oath to each other, with the blood oath element being completely removed.

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Outside Georgie’s Body, 1990s it There are almost no deleted scenes. That is to say, it Originally aired for two nights, opening credits of episode two.While VHS retrained these moments, the decision was made to it Just like the DVD/Blu-ray movie, so the first few minutes of the second episode were edited out. These scenes involve Bill (Richard Thomas) taking a taxi back to Derry and arriving at his hotel, and while they weren’t necessary, they sadly were cut.

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