Stranger Things: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Will As A Character

On Netflix’s long list of supernatural shows, the streaming service recently added a new show, midnight club, which focuses on terminally ill students who come together to tell horror stories. However, strange things Still the most popular paranormal show on Netflix.

Four seasons later, fans of the series are still drawn to the plot-driven group of kids. Will Byers is a prominent character, the main focus of the mystery of the first season. There are many memes dedicated to Will that perfectly sum up his personality.

Season 1 plot

Season 1 plot strange things Focus on the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers. Although the police found a body and assumed Will was dead, it was later discovered that he was hanging upside down.

This meme emphasizes Will’s importance in season one. While Eleven’s backstory may be prominent this season, the main focus is on finding Will and keeping him away from The Boss.

reach out to his mother

Some of Will’s most famous quotes were not even spoken by himself but from the light of his mother, Joyce Byers, when she hung up the phone to try to contact her missing son. It was one of the most iconic moments in the series.

The humorous meme shows how determined Joyce is to communicate with Will, and how desperately Will, in turn, tries to connect with her while trapped in the Upside Down World. This meme indicates that Will is a crafty and creative character.

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Will’s injury

Although Will fought to get out of the upside-down condition, he was eventually rescued in a very weak and traumatized state after a near-death experience.

While the meme captures Will’s fears in a humorous way, it also speaks to the severity of Will’s experience in The Upside season two. strange thingsIt is clear that Will is still traumatized and extremely scared of whatever happens in this alternate reality.

my life is an uphill battle

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All children will have difficult experiences going into the Upside Down or facing the various monsters that come out from there. However, none of them experienced anything as gruesome as Will being kidnapped by the Boss until Season 4.

Will’s greatest strength is that he’s a warrior, but when the lunatics try to take control of his existence in season 2, he’s forced to find his inner strength again. The meme humorously indicates that Will appears to be collaborating with the evil forces of The Upside Down.

Struggling with emotions

While Will has proven he’s a fighter, he’s also one of the most emotional characters in the series. His experiences with Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer influenced his self-worth and ability to open up to people.

This meme perfectly embodies Will’s emotional instability. He eventually confides in his brother and mother about his mood, but it’s hard for him to confide in friends who haven’t experienced the evils of the Upside-Down.

Will season 3

Although Will’s role was very important in previous seasons, season 3 strange things Features will be much less. Many fans expressed disappointment because they rarely saw Will interact with his friends.

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When he’s part of the plot, as this meme points out, he’s portrayed as someone who continues to be hurt by mind-busters or a kid who yearns to connect with friends like before. . His importance over the past few seasons has fueled a number of myths about Will’s season 5 plot.

want to play D&D

While Will’s character was not featured in the third season, many fans still sympathized with the character’s wishes and felt bad when his friends refused to participate in fun activities like play. Dungeons and Dragons.

Many fans think Will Byers has some of the worst friends, as this meme shows. While the cruelty of other boys may be an excuse for teenage anger, it’s hard to see Will being hurt so much by his friends’ lack of concern.

iconic hairstyle

There’s a lot of heavy material surrounding Wilbyer’s character. However, one of the most iconic and funniest things about his man is his ’80s bowl bangs.

This hilarious meme perfectly captures this aspect of Will’s personality. Over the years, as Will has aged in the series, he has worn the same hairstyle. Even though it’s one of his main characters, Noah Schnapp and many fans have been waiting for the host to finally do something new with Will’s hairstyle.

His continued love for D&D

As the previous meme revealed, Dungeons and Dragons really means a lot to Will. It was one of the healthiest and most enjoyable activities he and his friends had ever experienced.

The meme says that in season 3, Will’s friends rejected his intention to play the game, while in season 4, after Will and his family moved out, the rest of the group joined a research and development high school party. Fans can only wonder how Will will react to the games they want to play after giving up his efforts so easily.

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feel left out

Fans are really hoping Will will have another chance to shine after being almost forgotten in the past few seasons. Despite some drama between him and Mike last season, Will’s role was mostly secondary.

The meme shows how Will’s character is left behind as the team ages and embarks on dangerous adventures. Despite his importance in the past, Will seems to have been overlooked by the showrunners, leaving fans wondering what will happen to the character next season.

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