Suranne Jones details real-life family sadness that inspired new drama Maryland

Suranne Jones is back on our screens with a brand new TV series and it looks set to be an emotional one. The Mr. Jack actress who will star opposite Eve Best in ITV’s Maryland, a three-part television series focusing on the relationship between two sisters.

But did you know that the story behind the new series is partially inspired by Suranne’s heartbreaking family tragedy? The alert The star opened up about the grieving loss she faced that helped her create Maryland. Here’s everything you need to know…

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Is Maryland based on a true story?

Maryland is not specifically based on a true story, however, Suranne has been open about how her own experiences of grief and loss played a role in creating Maryland.

In an interview with The Sun, she explained: “It’s no secret that I lost both parents, so obviously I know grief and it’s an important part of our conversations. me and what it does to someone.

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Rosaline and Becca in Maryland

“It’s either going to come or everyone’s been through it, and this series doesn’t deal with it quickly, it deals with it in three episodes, stages of grief. There’s humor in it and it’s not the case. an easy, simple ride. don’t get a blueprint for how you’ll feel.”

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The Doctor Foster star continued: “Knowing illness, knowing illness, knowing grief, knowing death is a big part of it, and I think we’re both really proud of the outcome of it.” Suranne sadly lost her mother Jenny in 2016 to dementia, while her father Chris died in 2021 from a coronavirus-related illness.

Suranne Jones plays Becca in Maryland© Eoin HollandSuranne Jones plays Becca in Maryland

What is Maryland on ITV?

Suranne plays Rebecca, who, along with her sister Rosaline (Eve Best), face the sudden death of her mother after her body is found on the Isle of Man. Two sisters reunite, after being estranged for the past few years, to face death and work out what really happened to their mother.

As the synopsis explains, they arrive in a place they’ve never been “and without knowing why their mother is there, the sisters begin to uncover long-kept secrets about the woman they’ve never been before.” think they know, while keeping their own secrets from each other.

“Contained on an island and forced to face the consequences of their mother’s life-changing decisions, can Becca and Rosaline learn to love and respect each other again?”

Maryland on ITV© Eoin HollandMaryland on ITV

Who starred in ITV’s Maryland?

In addition to Suranna and Eva in the cast, Maryland has plenty of other familiar faces. Their father, Richard, is played by Gentleman Jack George Costigan. Viewers will also recognize George from his recent stints in Happy Valley and Line of Duty.

Meanwhile, Grease legend and West Wing actress Stockard Channing also join the cast as the island’s elderly friends Becca, Becca and Eva. Hugh Quarshie, Dean Lennox Kelly and Andrew Knott also star.

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See more pictures of Maryland…

Eve and Suranne as sisters Becca and RosalineEve and Suranne as sisters Becca and Rosaline

Stockard Channing as Cathy in MarylandStockard Channing as Cathy in Maryland

George Costigan in Maryland© PATRICK REDMONDeorge Costigan in Maryland

Eve Best and Suranne Jones in Maryland ITVEve Best and Suranne Jones in Maryland ITV

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