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What would you do if there was a big surprise attack? Find out what our friends did in Swamp Attack 2. Join them in their fight against mutant swamp creatures. Protect your family’s peaceful life at all costs. Use powerful and impressive weapons to repel enemies attacking you. Courage is indispensable in this war filled with hatred.

After the success of Swamp Attack, the developer Hyper Dot Studios has released the next version. It brings a little improvement in terms of graphics, but not much different from the previous installment. These images provide more detail and information that is easy to grasp. The mode is improved in many ways and the difficulty is increased. The gameplay of the game will remain the same. Simple and uncomplicated to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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After the attack of mutant animals, his friend Slow Joe gained more experience. But he still doesn’t show interest, he only knows his job. This time, the mutant is determined to raze his house once more. The creatures seem angry, and Joe is their prey. You will be the one to support him in his fight while still sitting in his chair. Fight until your enemies are gone. We ourselves need a lot of ammunition and a powerful gun. Attacks will be many times larger than before.

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Meet Joe’s Family

We’ve seen the character Joe quite stable and calm before things. It seems that when he shows his strength in this game, so does his family. We will have grumpy old ladies ready to destroy the haters. Sonny is a skilled weapon master. Larry really likes the art style, especially the guns. Wei is an elder from China and has great players. You can also unlock many other dangerous characters while playing this game. To get them, collect the required number of cards in the game.

Swamp Attack 2 Free Mod

Weapon of Destruction

Each member of Joe’s family prefers a different weapon. They will have a main weapon, an ultimate weapon and some other support items. Let’s say Larry has an M4A1 rifle and an ice gun that can immobilize enemies. Besides, he can throw mines and gasoline at enemies. Granny Mao has a shotgun and a large bazooka that can destroy opponents. She can fire nuclear missiles at those terrible creatures. In addition, there are many other unique weapons that can be unlocked when the new character reaches a certain level. Never challenge Joe’s!

many unique animals

After getting to know the Qiao family, you should also know what the other party has? The dangers they face are not small. We have mutant alligator, mutant chicken, fox, raccoon, mouse and some other common species. Each of them equipped themselves with rudimentary weapons. Not only that, in the game screens after each name, there are even more unique variations. To meet these opponents, you need to have considerable defensive power. Focus on taking down opponents that can attack from a distance. Upgrade your character to increase your gun damage.

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swamp attack apk 2 mod

face the boss

These scary animals also need leaders to guide them. In the level of the decisive battle, you will encounter these guys. These include a bear driving a tank, a dinosaur-sized crocodile, a unicorn, a swamp monster or a mosquito queen. These guys will make you sweat for their abilities. Some can be attacked from a distance, some need to be reached and you will die. Therefore, forming a high-level personality is a necessary element. Along with that is precisely targeting the most important targets.

Swamp Attack 2 mod gives you intense fighting abilities. Every game is every time you have to fight strange things. Bring endless fun to our stay.

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