Sydney Sweeney Has Been Accused Of Being Racist Towards Mexicans By A DJ Bella

A DJ has come forward with racist accusations against Sydney Sweeney, saying the actress is biased against Mexicans. This comes after the Euphoria actress was revealed to be pro-Trump. DJ Bella Ferrada accused Sydney Sweeney of racism towards her ex-partner on her Instagram story. Ferrada claimed that Sweeney was racist towards her partner when she commented on the actress’ mother’s 60th birthday party, which netizens believe was a pro-MAGA theme.

DJ criticizes Sydney Sweeney for racism.

Ferrada recently posted a photo on her Instagram story that Sweeney recently shared on her account. The latter shared slides of photos from her mother’s surprise party. In response to the controversy surrounding the painting, Ferrada wrote:

“Especially after she said something offensive to Lalo while he was working at the awards.” But save that tea for another day.”

Ferrada then commented on Sweeney’s post, revealing that the 24-year-old actress “got a lick” when Ferrada’s Mexican boyfriend approached her at the HCA Awards to “adjust the lighting.” The remark was as follows:

“I only see red caps and red flags.” By the way, this explains why you freaked out when my Mexican boyfriend was trying to adjust the lights at the HCA awards and your friend came and shooed him away even though he was just doing his job and has no idea who you are… Why are you so freaked out ? It’s Karen”

Ferrada not only lashed out at Sweeney, but also named her brother, Trent, who blocked the musician. Ferrada scolded Trent for wearing a MAGA hat. On the other hand, Trent explained that he was wearing a “Make Sixty Great Again” cap.

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Who exactly is Bella Ferrada? DJ accuses Sydney Sweeney of being racist.

DJ Bella Ferrada has over 88.8 thousand followers on Instagram. In her bio, she describes herself as a “girl from LA”. She also shared some personal information, saying:

“@vans resident DJ and dog mama” I love watching scary movies.”

Sydney Sweeney

Ferrada appears to be active on social media. The influencer frequently updates her Instagram story. She also highlighted various occasions in her life. Disneyland, DJ, Blue Xmas, Girls night, Tile!, and more Instagram favorites can be seen on her page. At the time of writing, the DJ profile influencers have 409 posts. He primarily shares photos from his regular life and travels. Several pictures from her concerts also appeared.

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After criticizing the White Lotus actress for her conservative-themed party, one would think that Ferrada would have stopped attacking her. Ferrada, on the other hand, criticized the followers of Sydney Sweeney. Under Sweeney’s tweet, conservative political analyst Tomi Lahren advised him to “never apologize to the crowd.” Ferrada tweeted: “Can I just add one more thing before I’m done with this issue. If you have Tomi Lahren’s racist pussies behind you, that’s a huge red flag and you should be utterly humiliated.”

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