SYTYCD Star Makenzie Dustman Got Married To Phillip Chbeeb

Makenzie Dustman of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) married fellow alum Phillip Chbeeb on Monday, December 12, 2022. Dustman posted a photo carousel on Instagram on Saturday, offering followers an insight into their wedding preparations. The event was held at Lake Arrowhead, California. Phillip Cheeb is a hip-hop dancer who competed in SYTYCD season 5. Despite having no professional dance instruction, the Texas native started dancing at the age of 16. He auditioned for the program in season 3 but was eliminated during Vegas Week. He made it to the same level the next season but had to pull out as he caught pneumonia and was unable to participate.

Makenzie commented on their wedding photo on Instagram:

“12.12.22. For a little instant, the world came to a halt… then life resumed… The Chbeeb’s are formally introduced to you.”

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More information about the wedding of SYTYCD duo Mackenzie and Phillip

Footage from the Instagram post showed the SYTYCD pair standing opposite each other at the altar in all-white attire, with snowflakes falling around them. Makenzie and Phillip were spotted paying close attention to the officiant, the former clutching a bouquet of flowers. Another video showed the pair smiling for photographers and celebrating their marriage as they hugged and kissed. They were also seen exchanging vows in front of their officiant.

Makenzie and Phillip married two days before their wedding at a Melkite Catholic Church 10 minutes away from their home. On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Mackenzie revealed in her Instagram story that the SYTYCD duo was following Phillip’s familial practice. She stated:

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“Phillip’s father was reared as a Melkite in Lebanon, and he, his parents, and so on were all married under this same faith, in the same planned, solemn ceremony. It was the most profound, emotional thing for us to be able to follow in his footsteps. Our parents and two closest friends were at our sides when we did it.”

Makenzie went on to say that the pair wanted to spend their big day by being “in the snow, hibernating in the mountains with our relatives all in the same area” on December 12. She also claimed that the pair wanted their wedding to be unique, which was made even more memorable by the fact that her father was the officiant. Phillip went to Instagram two days ago to pay respect to fellow SYTYCD alum Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who died by suicide last week at the age of 40, leaving behind his wife Allison Holker, and three children.

Phillip wrote in an emotional statement that he had written himself:

“I got married a day before Twitch died. I felt myself becoming a step closer to being the guy I’d always wanted to be, and then that man committed himself. Twitch made me a better guy, one more deserving of the lady I’m currently married to. He was the epitome of ‘good.’”

makenzie dustman

Phillip and Makenzie were cheered on by other SYTYCD contestants such as Hokuto Konishi, Malice Miller, Paul Karmiryan, and Jasmine Mason. Some of them even resorted to Instagram stories to share their wonderful wedding memories.

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Fellow SYTYCD dancers and Dancing With The Stars contestants also congratulated the pair in the comments section of Makenzie’s post. These featured Hayley Erbert, Fik-Shun Stegall, Tabitha, Napoleon D’umo, and Hailee Payne, among numerous more. Makenzie changed her last name to “Chbeeb” on Instagram after the amazing party.

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