Taylor Swift Announced Her Upcoming Song Title On Tiktok

American pop singer Taylor Swift has revealed the name of a new song from her next album, Midnights. Taylor Swift revealed the title of the 13th track from her upcoming album, Mastermind, in a TikTok video titled Midnight’s Mayhem with Me. On the album cover, tracks were previously labeled as “Track One”, “Track Two”, etc. Midnights is Swift’s ninth studio album and the standard version will feature 13 tracks. Side A will have six songs, while Side B will have seven. Swift hasn’t mentioned any collaborations on her new album, which she revealed at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month.

Her frequent collaborator, Jack Antonoff, with whom she has collaborated on her previous albums including 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore and Evermore, recently appeared in a behind the scenes video on Instagram. hers.

Taylor Swift fans have reacted to the announcement of a new song from her next album.

Taylor Swift’s announcement of her 13th single from the album, due out in a month’s time, sparked an enthusiastic response from fans.

taylor swift – midnight aesthetic pic.twitter.com/FnZGSjor8z

— Taylor Throwback🕛 (@ThrowbackTaylor) September 16, 2022

Taylor Swift – Midnight Hour pic.twitter.com/MWphDeIPre

– Raifa🤍 (@banditlikeswift) September 20, 2022

Midnights album pre-orders, release date and more from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift revealed Midnights during the MTV Video Music Awards in August, when she won Video of the Year for her project, All Too Well: The Short Film (10-minute version), for Featured Video and Directing. Here’s her Instagram post about the new album:

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“Midnights, an anthology of 13 Toss-Up Nights in My Life, is out October 21. See you at 12 o’clock.”

The album will be available for pre-order on Spotify and Apple Music on October 21. Vinyl, CD and cassette versions will be available. The album can be pre-ordered through Swift’s website and will be delivered on the album’s release date. Four color variations of the board are now available: Moonstone Blue Edition (Normal Edition), Emerald Green Edition, Blood Moon Edition, and Mahogany Version. According to Taylor Swift’s website, each version includes:

  • 13 songs
  • one of four collector’s albums with
  • Unique front and back cover photos
  • one of the disc’s four collectible artworks
  • one of four collector’s colored marble CDs; a collection of collector songs with never-before-seen images

The album is also available in a clean version, meaning the normal release includes obscene material.

NSAI honors Taylor Swift Musician-Artist of the Decade.

Taylor Swift was named Musician-Artist of the Decade (NSAI) on September 20 by the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Swift commented during the awards ceremony at the Ryman Auditorium:

“I’ve learned from working in the entertainment industry for a long time that the field operates with a very new, new, new, next, next, next attitude.” We all hope for a great year as artists and musicians. A great record cycle. A great program on the radio. And today, a song went viral on TikTok. “Beautiful weather in the sun.”

Taylor Swift

She continued:

“I mention all of this because I’m here to receive this amazing award after decades of work and I can’t express how great it feels.” Because in my opinion, this is an award recognizing a series of events. Challenge. Gloves are on. Album I’m proud of. win. Accident or luck. Big, shameful mistakes, their eventual rebound and the lessons learned from it all.”

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Swift said at the time she had developed genres for her lyrics. Quill Lyrics, Fountain Pen Lyrics and Glitter Gel Pen Lyrics are three genres. She further notes that the “Quill” category for phrases and expressions is outdated. She says that most of her poems are in the “Fountain Pen” style, referring to a current story or allusions. The final category for Taylor Swift’s lyrics is the Glitter Gel Pen, which refers to frivolous, carefree, bubbly lyrics and rhythmically precise inversions.

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