Team America: World Police – 10 Things You Never Knew About The Movie

Team America: World Police is one of those movies that you hear about because of the controversy it caused, so even if you haven’t seen it you’ll have a general idea. The comedy, which features puppets and quirky humor as its storyline, received mixed reviews from various locations. Trey Parker and Matt Stone went all out this time around and shocked even their most loyal fans.

How could a movie that spanned so many lines have so many secrets? There are a lot of things you didn’t know about this movie and probably never even thought to ask because you were so entranced by the wonderful craziness of this movie.Here are ten things you didn’t know Team America: World Police.

price of puppets

You might think that a satirical comedy starring puppets would be a hard sell to a production company, but not this time. Paramount picked up the project without any criticism or objection.

It’s not just that Trey and Matt have a lot of clout in Hollywood after a decade of hard work. South ParkSeries and feature films based on famous television shows. Paramount mistakenly believed that it would be cheaper to make a movie about puppets than to make a regular movie with actors and real sets, and that was their main motivation.

panama cannabis

Most viewers will miss this the first time, but now you know that’s all you can see in this sequence.

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if you have seen South Park You might not know that Trey and Matt are staunch anti-prohibitionists, so you won’t be too surprised when you recognize all the foliage in the Panama scene. Apart from a few palm trees, every patch of green you see is a marijuana plant.

“Back to you, Kim!”

George Clooney and Matt Damon were honored to be in the film and would be disappointed if they were left out. Contrary to what some of the film’s publicity jokingly claimed, Alec Baldwin also liked the film and thought it was funny.

In fact, the song that plays over the end credits is called “You are Worthless Alec Balwin,” and the lyrics have become something of a running joke between Baldwin and his fans. Occasionally he would hear someone say, “You’re worthless, Alec Baldwin!” to which he would reply, “Back to you, Kim!”

Paris streets

There are a lot of jokes about how bad the puppets and other practical effects in this movie are, but that’s just what they are. Set-wise, this is juxtaposed with some elegant craftsmanship.

The subtle details on the streets of Paris are one example. These cobblestone streets are actually lined with croissants instead of the rough old rocks typical of older European cities.

across the pond

Although the film is famous for having North American censors clutching their pearls, its themes didn’t have the same impact on everyone. Some European countries not only shrugged at the film, but deemed it suitable for children and families.

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This is the same thing as a movie from the 1980s getting a “general audience” rating. This was originally the theatrical version, not the unedited version with the extended puppet sex scene, but still.


Star Trek Fans probably did notice this. In the scene where the Screen Actors Guild decides to join forces with Kim, they raise their fists triumphantly and shout “Capra!” It’s not an old battle cry, but a Klingon word for “success.”

Trey and Matt’s love Star Trek This is reflected in their work.In fact, the puppet sex scene was written to distract censors from other questionable material in the script, a tactic Star Trek Writers often sidestepped the censorship of the time, such as when they wrote Kirk and Uhura’s interracial kiss.

actual effect

It’s an interesting degree of separation.Bill Pope serves as director of photography Team America: World Police, He took the job because he wanted to do something completely different from his previous films.

What are those?None other than the first two matrix movies and spider man 2, A film that relies heavily on green screens and computer-generated effects.There’s almost none of that in there Team America: World Police, It uses practical effects. When Pope said he wanted a change, he wasn’t kidding.

swear oath in russian

Team America: World police line up to escape explosions

Here is a tribute to the independent translator Dmitry Puchkov, who brought a rare and authentic experience to the Russian people when translating this film. Most foreign films are heavily censored rather than faithfully translated in Russia, and this is one of the few that has been left virtually unchanged.

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Swear words are the best example of this, carefully replacing them with their Russian equivalents rather than deleting them outright. However, unlike in Europe, the film only received a +18 rating in Russia.

Team USA tomorrow

The 10 Best Weather Movies Ranked

When Trey Parker and Matt Stone first came up with the concept for the film, they envisioned a puppet version of the then-typical hyperbolic disaster movie and chose thoriumthe day after tomorrow as the subject of this parody. They had a copy of the script and wanted to make basically the same movie, just with puppets.

This is already so over-the-top, already comedic, that it would be even funnier to do it with puppets. The idea was abandoned after hitting some major obstacles, not the least of which was the studio owning the rights to the original film.

From my cold wooden hands

Charlton Heston plays Moses holding the Ten Commandments in

One of the funniest characters in the show Team America: World Police Spotswood is Gary’s mentor, voiced by Darin Norris. His lofty phrasing is a perfect fit for the character, and Norris didn’t just appear out of nowhere.

Main object of ridicule Team USA are big budget special effects driven movies, but these are not new. Biblical epics and sword-and-sandals films have filled the void in the past, and no actor is more immersed in the genre than Charlton Heston. Norris uses Heston as the inspiration for the voice of Spotswood, to great effect.

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