Teenager stops car to save animal with head in cup

Becky Ball doesn’t think her son is serious about asking to stop while driving. But he wasn’t joking at all. It was a dire situation for an innocent soul.

Looking out the passenger window, the boy saw a weasel with its head stuck in a cup. He knew he had to help. The poor animal seems to be in danger.

They were going to their son’s cross country practice when they saw a ferret. The weasel squirmed along the road, aimless and unseen.

Ball was immediately concerned about what might happen if her son approached the stinky animal. She was afraid she would splash water on herself.

The boy carefully reached for the ferret and then pulled the cup away from the ferret. The little creature is finally free! Luckily, he was smart enough to do it without scaring the ferret. If he was afraid, he would have sprayed him.

The weasel realized that the boy was helping him and continued down the path.

Ball is happy for his son! She had no idea what was happening when he tried to stop the car. But after all, she even realized that helping others whenever needed is worth it, even if the consequences are dire.

Here is the recording:

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