Terraria: How to Grow Gem Trees & Plant Gemcorns

The Journey’s End update for Terraria added all kinds of new items for players to find and craft in the world. With almost 1000 new items, it may be difficult for players to keep track of what things are new to the game and what kinds of objects they can create using them. One of the newest items that players may not know about yet are the gemcorns.

Gemcorns acorns made out of gems that can be planted in the ground to grow a gem tree. These trees can, in turn, be harvested in order to acquire more gems and gemcorns. Players may not know right off the bat how to acquire the gemcorns though or even how to plant them. This guide is here to help players make sense of the new feature.

Terraria: How to Craft Gemcorns

Crafting gemcorns is actually a relatively simple process. Players will just need to explore underground until they come across any gem type that they would like to farm. Once they have one, players will also need to cut down a tree on the surface to gain an acorn and combine the two together. This will give players a brand new gemcorn to grow into a tree. Players can craft a specific gemcorn from any of the gems, so there are seven different variants based on each of the different gem types.

Terraria: Planting Gem Trees

Terraria Gem Tree Farm

Once players have acquired their very own gemcorns they shouldn’t just start planting them wherever they feel like. Gem Trees will only grow under specific circumstances, so players will first need to travel to the Underground or Cavern layer and plant a gemcorn on a bed of stone or moss. A gem tree is incapable of growing on any other material or on the surface level.

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Players will need to ensure that their gem sapling is in complete darkness for it to begin growing at the same rate as a normal tree. If the right conditions are met, then it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes for a gem tree to grow to its full height. Once fully grown players can take an axe to the tree in order to begin harvesting their gems. Typically each tree will give players anywhere from 0-5 gems and gemcorns. This means that players can quickly turn around and replant their gems and reap the benefits. If this is done several times, players will eventually be swimming in hundreds of gems.

Terraria can be played on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android.

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