Terrified Pppy hides in an abandoned house in Cogeng, not allowing rescuers to touch her

It didn’t take long for the rescuers to appreciate the little dog’s trust

It was here that rescuers made themselves famous thanks to a person who heard the cry of a puppy from an abandoned house. No one knows if the puppy was ever abandoned there, on the other hand, rescuers came to the puppy’s aid.

After looking around the house, they came across a scared puppy hiding in a corner. Once they touched the dog, he took a bite, someone come near because he was so scared once!

After trying in many situations, the puppy finally got stuck once.

The trapped give him food and milk because he was once thirsty and hungry. Pep, who did not suffer from any diseases, became beautiful and healthy after being fed. will be taken to the vet for examination. Because of the rescuers who saved the puppy from a difficult situation.

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Source: HIS Education

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