Test your eyesight: Can you count the eggs in 10 seconds?

Nathaly Vizarreta 23.09.2023. 08:16 p. m.

The optical illusions These are images or visual elements that play tricks on our mind, leading it to perceive something different from what is actually present. This intriguing phenomenon manifests itself through a process known as “priming,” in which the brain selects certain elements of the visual information it receives from the eyes to highlight. As a result, different parts of the image can look different depending on where the attention is focused, IndiaTimes reported. Knowing this, are you ready to today’s visual puzzle?

Turn on the stopwatch and set it to 10 seconds, which is the record time in which you should be able to count the number of eggs in the picture I’ll leave you with below. If you achieve this, your vision is undoubtedly 20/20 and your mathematical logic skills are sharp. Get ready for the challenge and try to solve this puzzle as fast as possible.

Tell me how many eggs are in this picture

VISUAL PUZZLE | “Think you have sharp eyesight? Test yourself with our exciting visual challenge. Try to count the correct number of eggs in a carton in just 10 seconds and find out how accurate your eyesight is. | IndiaTimes

If you managed to count the correct number of eggs in 10 seconds, you are undoubtedly a genius. However, if you can’t solve it and your answer is 16, then you’re a bit clueless, because you have to take hidden eggs into account. Are you ready to try again? Forward!

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Find out the exact number of eggs in the box

Don’t worry if you haven’t successfully completed this visual puzzle, because surprisingly only 5% of people can solve it. To get to the answer, let’s start by considering what it would be like if this image were in 3D, starting from the bottom. In a 4×4 layout, there would actually be 16 eggs on the bottom alone. Going to the next row, where there are three eggs, applying the same logic, we would get nine. Moving on, we have a 2×2 layout, which adds up to four eggs plus one egg on top. When we add all this up, we find a total of 30 eggs in the picture.

If you enjoyed solving my visual puzzle and want to dive into more adventures to test your cognitive skills, I warmly invite you to explore Depor.com even more! Because you will find a wide variety of challenges, optical illusions and puzzles that will stimulate your mind and offer you moments of fun and learning. Our community is a space where challenge lovers can connect, share their achievements and master the most intriguing exercises together.

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