The 10 Best Archers From Film & TV

Anyone with normal arms and hands can point a gun and pull the trigger, but being able to shoot an arrow from a bow quickly, stably, and accurately takes years to master. The first confirmed documentation of archery dates back to Ancient Egypt in 3000 BC, but it may have been used in Stone Age hunting and warfare thousands of years earlier.

Today’s archery technology is much more advanced, but the form and proper technique have changed little, giving archery an original and timeless quality. There’s no denying that archery is aesthetically pleasing, which is why there’s no shortage of notorious archers in cinema and television, and today we’ve rounded up ten of the best archers. Sorry crossbow fans, but trigger-based weapons won’t be included here.

Paris – Troy (2004)

Does Paris (Orlando Bloom) have any credit? Not necessarily. His love affair with Helen of Troy (Diane Kruger) was the main cause and focus of the Trojan War. Troy. Is Paris a particularly skilled fighter? Are not. When Helen’s husband (Brendan Gleeson) challenges Paris to a duel, Paris gets kicked in the butt by him until he cowers behind her brother (Eric Bana).

So what gives Paris its place on this list? He shoots an arrow through his eponymous body part, killing the world’s deadliest fighter, Achilles (Brad Pitt). This gives him a lot of street credit.

Abigail Whistler – Blades: Trinity (2004)

Abigail Whistler with a bow in Blade Trinity

in the third period tongue In the franchise, the viewer is introduced to Abigail (Jessica Biel), the daughter of the man who trained Blade (Wesley Snipes). Abigail teams up with Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) to free the captured Blade, who joins their vampire hunting team, the Nightcrawlers.

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Abigail uses a variety of awesome weapons and gear to slay vampires, but none is cooler or more iconic than her compound bow, which plays a pivotal role in the story’s climax. . She can also shoot an arrow around corners, at 315 mph, and is so accurate that she accidentally shoots the camera lens while filming (credit to Bill, not Abigail).

Princess Merida – Brave (2012)

Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald) of Scotland is greeted by her father (Billy Connolly) on her sixth birthday, and soon she and her family fall into a trap. The dangerous demon bear is in trouble. Ten years later, Merida has become Scotland’s best archer, and her crushing defeat at the Highland Games finally proves it.

Merida’s performance creates great conflict between her and her mother (Emma Thompson), which leads to disastrous consequences, but Merida overcomes adversity through her intelligence, courage, and perseverance, qualities that make her She became an excellent archer and a role model for Disney brave.

Ygritte – Game of Thrones

Rose Leslie as Ygritte aiming at Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones'

Perhaps, Ygritte (Rose Leslie) is a less gifted archer than archer Anguy (Philip McGinley), but when it comes to judging who has the most impressive archery on screen Game of Thrones TV series, Ygritte owns the title.

When Ygritte must shoot the man she loves, Jon Snow (Kit Harington), she first draws the power of her giant war bow for more than a minute – which requires superhuman strength – then tries to love shot Jon three times, but not fatally. Accurate archery requires a lot of focus and attention, and Ygritte is essentially performing surgery with her bow while also battling heartbreaking distractions.

Hawkeye – Avengers Series

Hawkeye shoots three arrows at his son in 'The Avengers'

Viewers are briefly introduced to Clinton Barton aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) God of thunder (2011) before he was the main character The Avengers (2012) and its sequels.

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Despite lacking the real superpowers possessed by some of his Avengers teammates, Hawkeye is arguably the world’s greatest marksman. At times, talking and hitting his target without looking, Hawkeye has proven his place among superheroes with his seemingly never-missing ability. His most impressive shots, as he shoots explosive arrows from plane to plane, accurately calculate huge wind and motion variations.

Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games

Katniss shoots arrows with fire in the context of Hunger Games

Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence) was taught how to hunt illegally by her father at an early age. Not only does she have the courage to voluntarily participate in the Game of Death and Death, but she also has the strength and skill to survive twice.

Everdeen’s weapon of choice is her trusty bow. She caught the judges’ attention when she shot an apple from a pig’s mouth in the infamous scoring scene Hunger game (2012), but her most impressive hit was when facing lightning without flinching and knocking down the roof of the entire Hunger Games arena. on fire (two thousand and thirteen).

Oliver Queen – Arrow (2012-2020)

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen on The CW's Arrow

Presumed dead and missing at sea, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has spent five years surviving on the deadly island of Lianyu and completing dangerous secret missions in China and Russia while honing his skills. Archery and combat skills, reach the master level.

Finally, upon returning to his remaining family, he put on a mask and green hood and became the watchman of Starling City known as the Green Arrow. but his most heroic quality may be his leadership, as evidenced by his recruiting and mentoring of Archers throughout. arrow.

John Lambo – Line of Lambo

Sylvester Stallone in First Blood 2

One of the most notorious killers in cinematic history, Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) has more than 500 on-screen murders in his five series, many of which were achieved thanks to his explosive bow and arrow. he.

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The most impressive aspect of Rambo’s archery technique is the series of elements that increase the difficulty of the shot. He shoots hearts in the dark, many hearts in the pouring rain, and more hearts in the dark cave. One particularly impressive kill is when he jumps from a river and instantly hits his target, meaning he’s untargetable all the time.

Robin Hood – many repetitions

This list might not exist without the legend of Robin Hood. The broken arrow hit Merida many times. In the 2010 adaptation, Russell Crowe hit a running target on horseback hundreds of meters away in the head. Disney’s 1973 version showed Robin firing an arrow high into the air, then firing another arrow to send the arrow into the heart. The latest adaptation shows Taron Egerton firing almost 20 arrows in just the trailer.

Robin’s most impressive shot came from Cary Elwes Robin Hood: The Man in the Pantyhose (1993) However, when Robin became the first archer in cinematic history to fire six shots at once, nailing enemies to trees in six different locations.

Legolas – The Lord of the Rings

Orlando Bloom makes up for Paris’ cowardice as Legolas Lord of the Rings And hobbits trilogy of works. While the others on this list are human, Legolas is an elf, which means he’s been using his superhuman strength and senses to practice shooting for thousands of years.

Without the aid of any modern archery technology, Legolas single-handedly took down Oliphaunt (a giant war mammoth of Middle-earth), sniping several orcs while sliding his shield from a bridge. ladder down in what might be the coolest move in the series, and ran 177 in the Scholarship kill count competition. If you’re on a dangerous mission, you’ll want his bow.

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