The 10 Funniest Naruto Episodes

Naruto It is a shounen anime full of complex emotions. On the one hand, it can be very serious, with death scenes and plenty of tear-jerking moments.

But on the other hand, it also has some funny comedic moments, enough to make the audience laugh.this Naruto There’s no shortage of hilarious episodes in the anime, and these ten episodes in particular are enough to make any Hokage fan smile.

Legend of the Hidden Leaf: Umba!

Naruto makes an unlikely partner with Onbaa, Konoha Hikage’s native animal. Umba lands on Naruto after falling from the eagle’s grasp and, to Naruto’s chagrin, becomes very attached. Nothing Naruto did could pry Onbaa off his back.

Sure enough, Kumoba would cause Naruto a lot of trouble wherever he went. It made Hinata faint, peed on Naruto, and even grabbed a handful of Sakura’s breasts. Naruto was eventually freed from the Onbaa when Naruto’s mother claimed it, but when he returned from his mission, he witnessed the Onbaa erupt in his village, with almost everyone carrying Onbaa on their backs.

“Animal Zone”

A bunch of angry-looking ostriches run towards something out of Naruto.

An ostrich named Vulture told several young ostriches a story about Naruto and how the ninjas prevented him from enjoying his freedom. In his story, Vulture escapes after being captured by Team 7, who teaches him ninjutsu to protect himself. Tsunade sends Naruto, Rock Lee, Shino, and Kotetsu to retrieve the ostrich from the wildlife reserve.

However, Naruto and the others ended up getting a little more than they bargained for. Rock Lee and Shino fight a boxing kangaroo and an anteater respectively, while Kotetsu gets his butt kicked by a condor and nearly dies. It is revealed that Vulture has his own group of ninjas: the Four Ninja Beast Warriors.

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“Laughing Poetry”

Shino in Naruto laughed uncontrollably.

Naruto follows the always stoic Shino on a mission to Motoki Village. In the village, Naruto and Shino help herbal medicine salesman Gota Kagetsu inherit his father’s money before his sister takes over the money.

One thing that’s notable in this episode among Naruto fans is Shino’s infectious laugh. Shino swallowed poison to neutralize the poison during dinner, and he couldn’t stop laughing as a result. That made Naruto feel very uneasy. Shino laughed so hard that Naruto had to take his place at Katsuki’s father’s funeral. For any Naruto fan, seeing a serious character like Shino laugh so much can be uncomfortable.

“Run! Curry of life!”

The Naruto character looks at a plate of curry with a horrified expression.

After discovering that Rock Lee was unconscious from the thundering attack of Black Moon Lai He, Tian Tian, ​​San Xiang, and several others gave the ninja Life Curry. Curry has an adverse effect on Lee, who acts pretty wild throughout the episodes.

What is the explanation for Li’s behavior? As San Shao pointed out, a bottle of wine was thrown into the curry. However, despite being drunk, Lee tried to fight Rhaegar, only to put himself in danger. Li swung his drunken fist at Rhaegar, and Rhaegar quickly took out Keenin.

Kakashi Hatake, Hokage

Naruto Kakashi Racing Might Guy.

as NarutoAs Kakashi contemplates his future as Hokage, he suddenly encounters his friendly rival, the Invincible Powerful One. Guy challenges Kakashi to a match, and Kakashi happily accepts. The two started from the entrance of Konoha Village and ran all the way to Hokage Rock.

In the end, Kakashi won the race by a narrow margin, showing a bit of playfulness as he kept pace with Guy. This episode hints that Kakashi will become the next Hokage, and also shows the affable side of the jounin, which is unforgettable. Let Guy bring out Kakashi’s inner child.

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Blend, stretch, boil! Burn the copper pot, burn it!

Split image showing Naruto character preparing ramen noodles

Teuchi’s daughter Ayame is kidnapped by a group of cooking ninjas, and the only way to win her back is to make a new type of ramen. Teuchi asks Naruto, Sasuke, and Choji to help him make this new ramen, which is as fun as one would expect.

Several funny moments happen in this episode. Choji reveals himself to be a nuanced ramen critic, and Naruto uses Sakura’s anger to perfect ramen. When Naruto and his friends rescue Ayame, they discover that she’s gained weight from eating the food from Cooking Shinobu.

“Naruto VS Mecha Naruto”

Naruto fights the mecha Naruto.

one NarutoBeing the smartest of the main villains, Orochimaru built a robotic replica of Naruto called “Mecha-Naruto” as a means of capturing Kuruma. One day, lightning strikes the mecha Naruto, and the robot revives and destroys Orochimaru’s lair. Itachi and Kisame discover the robot and bring it to Akatsuki’s secret hideout so it can be modified.

In Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto, Naruto and several other ninjas battle Orochimaru’s robotic creations. Mecha Naruto shows off various moves firing missiles and lasers at anyone who gets in his way. There’s even a mech vehicle, also made by Orochimaru, getting into the action, which only adds to the hilarity of the episode.

“Prologue to the Ninja Road”

The Naruto character plays a card game in the anime series.

Naruto spent the day alone in his apartment, playing cards with his shadow clone while moping about his boredom. Rock Lee met Naruto during training and decided to invite Naruto and other friends to a public bath.

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Some mischief happens in the bathhouse, Akamaru sneaks in, Kiba and Choji slip on the soap and roll into the tub. At one point, Lee, who was still training, fell from the bathroom ceiling and landed in the women’s changing area, where he was accused by Ino of being a pervert. Naruto later defended Lee, but the bra got stuck in his towel and Sakura accused him of being a bra thief.

Must see! Must know! Kakashi-sensei’s true face!

Kakashi takes off his mask in Naruto.

What Kakashi looks like under his mask has always been an interesting topic in the Naruto anime. So much so that there’s even an episode dedicated to it!

In “Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-sensei’s true face!”, Team Seven spends most of the time trying to see what Kakashi looks like under the mask. Arguably the funniest moment of the episode is when Naruto hints that Kakashi has either thick lips or buck teeth beneath his mask. This leads to some very funny moments as Sasuke imagines Naruto’s cues in his mind.

“Worst Three-legged Race”

Naruto and Sasuke clasped their hands and ran in opposite directions.

In this flashback episode, Squad Seven is sent on a mission to recover a stolen statue from a group of thieves. During the mission, Sakura is kidnapped by thieves, and Naruto and Sasuke set out to rescue her.

However, Naruto and Sasuke happened to run into a problem: their hands were stuck together due to the chakara liquid. The two work together to suck the fluid off their hands, which leads to some humorous moments. An attempt at comedy by Naruto and Sasuke resulted in the two ninjas accidentally kissing each other while climbing a waterfall.

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