The Boys’ Queen Maeve Hopes To Reunite With Elena In Season 3

boys Queen Maeve (Dominic McElligot) wants her character to reunite with Elena in Season 3. Elena and Maeve’s relationship is a big part of Maeve’s character line in Season 2. Sadly, the machine crash Her flight of terror in season 1 once again haunts her new-found happiness with her. old flame.

Although Maeve tried to hide Elena from Homelander in season one, she wasn’t so lucky in season two. Homelander gleefully reveals Maeve’s gender on national television, causing Maeve to worry for Elena’s safety. Ironically, Homelander’s subtle threats against Elena turn Maeve against him. Maeve begs Elena to play with the “Brave Maeve” event and resolves to defeat Homelander on her own. Sadly, Elena discovers the footage Maeve intended to use against Homelander’s catastrophic plane crash and breaks up with Maeve as a result. That was the last time fans saw Elena on the show, but Maeve still used footage from the season 2 finale to blackmail Homelander because she had nothing left to lose.

McElligott Interview pack About Maeve and Elena’s relationship. Obviously she can’t confirm any solid plot details for season 3, but it seems hopeful that Elena could return. Check out what the actress had to say about Maeve and Elena belowcomplicated” relationship:

I think her relationship with Elena is complicated. I think Maeve loves Elena deeply and will protect her at all costs, whether they’re together or not. That part has nothing to do with her, because Maeve considers Elena her family. And in the world where Maeve lives as a superhero in Walt’s company, she doesn’t have many people, so Elena is very important to her. On that note, I don’t know what season 3 will bring. Even if I know I can’t tell you. but hopefully we can see elena again.

If Elena returns in season 3, it makes perfect sense in terms of plot. Maeve’s ex-girlfriend inspired her to be a better person. In many ways, Elena gave Maeve the opportunity to really want to protect someone without being dramatic or corrupt by Walt. Despite Maeve’s obvious display of extreme guilt after the plane crash, what really drives Maeve’s efforts to keep the Motherland safe is the threat to Elena’s safety in the sequel. 2.

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Elena’s influence eventually prompts Maeve to save Starlight from Black’s attack. This also got her to side with the boys in the season 2 finale with Stormfront and Homelanders. Maeve may not have attended boys‘ The ‘girl power’ moment, if it weren’t for Elena, would have crushed Stormfront into a paste.

Maeve’s love for Elena makes her a better person, if only for boysElena and Maeve’s relationship is truly one of the best on the show to date and very important to Maeve’s character development. Hopefully season 3 will see Elena return and bring true happiness to Queen Maeve.

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