The car crash left the dog paralyzed while giving birth, mother and baby hugged the dog to pray

One thing is certain. There is nothing better than a mother’s love. ilovemydogsomuch writes that a dog named Flower had trouble learning the basics. It is difficult to find adequate food and shelter. But Hoa was hit in the hip and hind leg by a car, seriously injuring her.

The dog lay down in pain, and while she was waiting for the pain to subside, something unusual happened. Flower was born! Although she could not move, she still tried to take care of the new babies. She did her best to clean the puppies and take care of them. But their wounds are very serious. Flowers struggle, and the dogs fail.

Miraculously, a local rescuer heard about the dog and its cubs and ran to help them. Flower was taken to the nearest veterinary clinic and underwent a six-hour surgery. While Flower continues to rest and recover, the puppies are taken care of by another beautiful dog. Although she is not their biological mother, she still takes care of the puppies and loves them.

Although Flower has undergone a successful surgery and her health has improved, her story is far from over. Due to infection and lack of medical attention, two of the three puppies died. It is heartbreaking and all who come into contact with Flower grieve for these precious souls.

There is only one dog left, but it is also sick. Flower is still recovering, but has no children. Her puppy needs special care. The fact that Flower and her baby survived is a miracle in itself. As they both fight for their lives, they need our prayers. Can you send them a number?

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