The Family Chantel’s Pedro Gets Mixed Reactions After Showing Off Car

Pedro Jimeno found himself losing most of it Chantel Homestay Support fans after divorce fiance 90 days The wife of the star Chantel Jimeno, but that did not stop him from showing off on social networks. The Dominican native went down on social media last month and relaunched his Instagram account as a page for his real estate project and new image as a man. Single. While Pedro was eager to show off his new versatility, Chantel Homestay Fans reacted more mixed to the share.

Pedro has been sharing a lot of social media posts lately Chantel Homestay Fans because he is attracted to the image of a real estate agent and a single man. On his recently reactivated Instagram account, Pedro shared a photo of him wearing tight jeans, a black turtleneck and gold necklace, sitting with his arms crossed in a white Audi. “Effort always pays off, Happy Monday” Pedro captioned the image. Many of his tags show he prides himself on being both a real estate agent and driving an Audi. “The boss moved my brother,‘ one of his friends commented. However, most of the comments are negative because Chantel Homestay Fans continued to drag Pedro after his chaotic farewell.

Pedro Jimeno’s new post continues to be criticized by viewers

New Instagram post seems to be Chantel Homestay The star Pedro shows off his car and pictures but Chantel Homestay Fans quickly pulled him in to replace Chantel. “If you came here alone, it might have been a boss move, but you didn’t, so it’s not… over! “ wrote an emotional comment. “You marry a girl just to stay in America is really hard,” wrote another top commentator. Many commentators point out that Pedro’s priorities are misguided. “There’s no way the boss moves in with his wife all the time and tries to take care of the couple. Right there, the boy moved out,” Another fan watched.

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Chantel fans don’t like Pedro’s new look

While Pedro uses his social media to showcase his apparent success Chantel Homestay Fans, many viewers are still highly critical of his real success. Fans believe Chantel broke up because she turned to her family, friends, and faith to heal instead of flaunting material things online. Many fans see Pedro’s attempt to show off things like his new car as a false sign of success and a step in the wrong direction in his growing up. While Pedro’s new stance was a drag, audiences didn’t like his style either. Pedro was once photographed wearing very tight clothes, which many viewers considered unsightly.

Overall, Chantel won Chantel Homestay Fans because they think she’s changed since her immature days fiance 90 daysWhile Chantel is mature and makes it clear that she can be a supportive mature partner, Pedro goes the opposite way. His transformation into brutal, careless and seemingly disloyal disappointed many viewers Chantel Homestay Fans also don’t like Pedro’s new image online bragging and bragging rather than fixing his personality.

Source: Pedro Jimeno/Instagram

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