The farmer discovered the surprisingly black eggs and when they hatched, he was completely afraid of them

An American farmer named John owns a huge plot of land with a colorful garden full of vegetables, a blossoming orchard and his cozy home.

John keeps chickens in a coop next to his house, some of which he uses for his own needs and some of which he sells.

Over the years, this arrangement has worked very well for him, increasing the productivity and self-sufficiency of his farm.

Traditionally, John has been used to discovering eggs scattered around his property, especially near the greenhouse where his chickens enjoy running wild.

Since his free-range chickens were behaving normally, there was no cause for concern. But one morning John noticed something strange that caught his attention.

John found a group of perfectly black eggs near the coop. He had never seen anything like this before.

John was at first surprised by the egg’s striking black hue, but curiosity got the better of him. He was intrigued by these unusual eggs and decided to incubate them in a very warm, dark corner of his barn, just as he would incubate any chicken egg.

The eggs began to hatch after a few days of patient waiting, revealing their even more amazing contents.

The chicks that emerged startled John because they were completely black, down to their beaks and feathers. John was excited to learn more about these unusual birds because he never expected to see a sight like this.

The chickens turned out to be Ayam Cemani, a rare breed that stands out for its incredible all-black appearance. Their internal organs and bones are also involved in this special feature, which goes beyond appearance.

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John discovered that his wealthy neighbor, who specialized in unusual breeds, raised these unusual chickens. It seemed as if one of his neighbor’s chickens had inadvertently wandered into John’s land and laid eggs.

For John, the discovery of Ayam Cemani chickens was an exciting experience that brought a sense of mystery and difference to his life on the farm.

Moreover, in order to introduce him to the new breed, this event deepened his relationship with his neighbor and sparked conversations about possible future jobs.

Although surprises were nothing new on John’s farm, the appearance of these black chicks was a wonderful exception that reminded one of the endless wonders of the natural world.

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