The first thing you see in the wordsearch says a lot about you and will determine if you’re a leader or loving friend

DISCOVER your true personality with the first solution you find to this puzzle.

The way different people approach puzzles, optical illusions, and other problems can reveal a lot about brain processes and personalities.


What is the first word you can see? Credit: The Sun

A study from the University of Bath in the UK found that certain personality types, such as borderline obsessives, opportunists, and hoarders, use specific strategies.

This word search can help you determine if you are a born leader or a loving friend.

Look at the image above, what is the first word you see?

There are six words that you can find in the puzzle.


If this is the first word you saw, you have a unique personality type that makes you a team player.

However, you also have natural qualities that make you good in personal relationships.

This means you can lead or be part of a team, while your voice is heard and no one is left out.


As you can guess, if this is the first word you came across, you are motivated and dedicated to your work.

It can be hard for people to change your mind once you’re established, but you always make the people who work for you feel valued and appreciated.

You are fully committed to what you set out to do.


If you saw the word home first, it means that you are very loving and an excellent mediator.

You are naturally a loving and affectionate friend with a calm and collected demeanor.

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Family comes first in your book, and those around you are just as full of love and care.


This one is self explanatory, you like to take charge and control things.

Works well under pressure and can handle stressful environments.

As a contributor, you are a motivator to those around you, even when everyone is struggling with a problem.

He tends to analyze each situation before deciding what to do and doesn’t stop until you and your team achieve your goals.


Chances are, if you’re a big animal lover with a passion for nature and the outdoors, you’re the first to come across this word.

Although he may be shy at first, once he is comfortable in a social situation, he cares and enjoys spending time with others when he feels welcome.

Although you can often spend time with like-minded people, you may also feel some loneliness.


Finally, if this is the first word that caught your eye, you are a lover of life.

You are naturally energetic and charming and can be outgoing, which makes you stand out.

People enjoy spending time with you because you enjoy being an artist and entertainer due to your sense of humor and charisma.

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