The Flash’s Box Office Drop Just Broke A Painful DCEU Movie Record

After another disastrous box office update, speed Breaking the DCEU record for least favorite, and possibly breaking the comic book record is painful in the process. Compared to higher (and higher hopes) forecasts, the domestic debut grossed $55 million, speed Billed as a legitimate box office failure, it left the DCEU with a bitter taste. Why speed Failure at this level is a moot point, but it’s the fact that Warner Bros. are facing.

The DCEU has traditionally not had a strong second weekend box office record, with an average first weekend drop of 59.4%, partly influenced by Wonderful woman (2017) and Neptune (2018) is the highest performing film in the second week. Of course, the nature of the box office report underscores the importance of getting it done early, and it’s rare for a film to actually return for a second weekend. However, the DCEU’s box office decline has yet to satisfy audiences on a large scale, and the fact is speed Bad tracking is another negative effect.



grand opening

box office decline

steel man




Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


$166,007,347 USD


suicide squad




Wonderful woman


$103,251,471 US Dollar


Alliance justice






$165,042,440 USD






bird of prey


$33,010,017 USD


Great Woman 1984




suicide squad




black adam




Shazam! wrath of the gods




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The Flash is officially the DCEU’s worst box office hit ever

According to Diversity, speedThe box office is down 73%, more than any other DCEU film released to date. The overall picture makes the decline even more unfortunate: speed especially failed black adamIt will be difficult to recover enough production and marketing budgets in the first week of launch to not be seen as a major financial loss. Other big discounts around 70%, such as Batman vs Superman And suicide squad At least at launch, they made over $160 million. Shazam! wrath of the gods, speed Start low and drop far.

On top of that, 73% off, according to Box Office Mojo speed only in the back mobile It became the comic book movie with the biggest drop when it debuted at #1, even topping the list for the second week in a row. speed will not. mobileThe record of 73.8% was also nearly toppled, which is a story in itself. speed It is also the film that holds the record for the number one debut film in the DCEU. In the broader history of comic book movies, only Steel The drop was even bigger, at 78%, but in 1997 it was just $870,068.

Why is The Flash’s box office plummeting

Ezra Miller's Time Bowl in 'The Flash'

why story speed finished The second weekend at the box office was so bad for the same reasons that the opening was slow: word of mouth, Ezra Miller’s off-screen controversy, a false belief in unattractive nostalgic cameos main young crowd, and reviews are overwhelming. their part. It can still be argued that the decision to announce the restart of the DCU is earlier speedHowever, its release caused the biggest problem because it robs speed any connection. Add to that superhero fatigue and multiverse inconsistencies, and it’s a perfectly unwanted storm. At launch, word of mouth was key, speed The conversation has been refocused on details and distractions, and the fact that this isn’t a bad movie (and actually has a good selling point) is hardly important.

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