The Flash’s Box Office Failure Makes Batgirl’s Canceled Movie Cut Worse

The decision to cut a Batgirl movie was made even worse by the box office failure of The Flash, which delivered the biggest bombshell ever for the DCEU and WB.

Warner Bros. Discovery decided to cut bat girl After box office failure, DC Universe movies are even worse speed Movie. The cinematic story at the heart of The Fastest Man Alive quickly broke the box office record of losing blockbusters. indeed, speed This would be the biggest bombshell of the summer of 2023 if it weren’t for the same lackluster reaction Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune. As everything stands now, speed Still the biggest disaster in the history of the DCEU and Warner Bros.

There are many reasons why the movie The Flash failed. Aside from general superhero fatigue and the backlash against movie star Ezra Miller, speed Negative reviews of the film from previous reviews point to the film’s liberal use of computer-generated imagery and a marketing campaign seemingly focused on promoting the return of the film. Michael Keaton’s Batman rather than its protagonist. speed EQUAL “The best superhero movie I’ve ever seen” decided to cancel bat girl Michael Keaton’s Batman has a larger role in this film.

The Flash’s Financial Failure Makes Batgirl’s Financial Cuts Pointless

Lightning 2023 will lose money

this bat girl The film, starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon, was canceled in post-production in August 2022 to save money. The $90 million film, slated for a direct release on HBO Max in late 2022, is the first of several low-budget DC Comics films based on lesser-known characters. than. However, the new management of Warner Bros. Discovery believes big-budget blockbusters are better suited to the DCEU than smaller films produced for their streaming service. They believe they could have made more money with a $15-20 million tax break by not disclosing this information. bat girl Movies are available through downloads and disc sales more than they actually are.

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The decision proved costly for Warner Bros. Discovery. speed This is just the latest in a long string of underperforming DCEU blockbusters, black adam And “Shazam: Wrath of the Gods” Millions of dollars in marketing campaigns fail to find audiences, resulting in lost money. speed That own estimate cost Warner Bros. Discovery over $200 million, more than ten times the amount saved by shedding the project. bat girl Movie.

Why The Flash’s Box Office Failure Disappoints DCEU’s Batgirl

Batgirl - Leslie Grace

the sad truth is bat girl movies can make more money speed movies, and can enhance the franchise’s reputation. break through the lower profit threshold, bat girl There is also a group of award-winning famous actors with a large fan base. In addition to the return of Michael Keaton as Batman, JK Simmons will also return as Commissioner Gordon and Brendan Fraser as the villain Firefly. With Fraser’s recent resurgence after the Oscars and the fact that speed The movie was so heavily based on Keaton’s Batman that it was decided to cut it bat girl Seems like one of the biggest blunders in the history of the DC Universe speed.

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