The Gilded Age: Who Carrie Astor Was Crying About (But Later Married)

Warning: Spoiler rich age Episode 6 – “Less Rolling Head”

exist rich age In episode 6, Carrie Astor (Amy Forsyth) mourns the man she will eventually marry, even though her real-life wedding is still years away. Carrie’s mother is Astor (Donna Murphy), the leader of the old New York elite known as the Four Hundred, and Larry is the son of wealthy new millionaire George Russell (Morgan Spector).exist rich ageIn the historical version, Carrie is friends with Larry Russell (Harry Richardson), and they move in the same social group, although this contradicts the values ​​of Mrs. Astor, who refused new money to join the family. enter the upper class society.

Carrie Astor is introduced in rich age In episode 1, she is seen at a party in Newport, Rhode Island, hosted by Mamie Fish (Ashlie Atkinson), and Larry Russell and Oscar Van Laykin (Blake Ritson) are also present. The next time I saw Carrie was at rich age Episode 2. After Mrs. Astor watches George Russell flaunt her wealth at a charity fair, Carrie asks Russell if it’s worth officially being friends, but her mother refuss the idea. that ant. So far, very few viewers have seen Carrie Astor and it’s clear that she doesn’t ‘don’t insist on keeping society clean like its mother. “Newbie.” Carrie is certainly born of old New York blood, but Miss Astor is 21 years old Gold Plated Silvere’s 1882 timeline, no problem interacting with New Money people.

not coincidentally, in rich age In episode 6, Carrie mourns her future husband, Marshall Orme Wilson. Larry and his sister Gladys Russell (Taissa Farmiga) find Miss Astor sobbing over Aum at a bizarre “doll tea party” hosted by Mrs. Fish. Marshall Orme Wilson Not Introduced yet rich age He’s clearly not a member of the powerful Astor family yet, but in real life, Marshall is a banker for RT Wilson & Co. of his father. Orm and Carrie were married at Astor House on November 18, 1884. They had two sons, Marshall Orme Wilson Jr. and Richard Thornton Wilson III. Marshall Orme Wilson died on April 1, 1926, and Carrie outlived her husband by 22 years before dying on September 13, 1948, at the age of 86.

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exist rich ageHowever, to Gladys’ surprise, Carrie’s circumstances mirror her own. Like Gladys, Carrie’s domineering mother disapproves of her relationship with Marshall Om Wilson. Gladys’ parents bribe her pursuer, Archie Baldwin (Tom Blyth), and make sure they never see each other again. Just as Bertha has concrete plans for Gladys’ future, Lady Astor wants to control who Carrie will marry, and she doesn’t approve of Marshall because he comes from a wealthy family like the Russells. Carrie and Gladys are able to identify with the unjust power their mother has brought into their lives, and they become friends.

While Carrie is at an impasse with her own mother, she can use her position and influence to charm Bertha and help Gladys. Bertha wants nothing more than the approval of Lady Astor and high society, and Carrie promises to invite her friends to the ball she and Gladys are giving, which Lady Russell can’t resist . Although Carrie Astor was destined to marry Marshall Om Wilson, perhaps she will also help bridge the gap between Lady Astor and Bertha Russell Wealthy age.

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