The Goldbergs Just Addressed Murray’s Death In The Weirdest Way

Warning: Revealing the contents of The Goldbergs Season 10, Episode 14.

in spite of gold mine Season 10 technically had to deal with the fact that Murray was gone forever, and the family sitcom chose a very odd way to honor the late Jeff Garlin’s character. Like many other sitcoms before it, gold mine It’s hard to write about one of its previous heroes. enjoyed it conner family Write it down RoseanneDivas (and co-stars) after Roseanne Barr was fired for racist tweets That 90s show refused to talk about Hyde’s existence because That’s 70 performances criminal charges against actor Danny Masterson), gold mine When actor Jeff Galin was fired from the show for misconduct, he killed Murray, the father of the eponymous family.

It wasn’t long before Beverley’s romance was confirmed gold mine Fighting Murray’s legacy. When she tried to get back into the dating scene a few weeks after his death, Beverly didn’t even mention her grief over his death. The reason behind this could be, like conner familyauthor gold mine Don’t want to inadvertently support Galin by favorably glorifying his character. However, this approach meant that much of the Goldberg family overlooked the impact of Murray’s death on America. gold mine Season 10, set a strange, unsettling tone. Surprisingly, one episode oddly challenges this.

Goldbergs Season 10 acknowledges Barry’s pain

exist gold mine Season 10, Episode 14 “Twice Golden Heart” looks a lot like Barry and his ex Lainey is cheating on Joanne.since gold mine Season 10 finally had to separate Barry and Joanne (since the show’s spinoffs have indicated that Barry will eventually return to Lainey), this seems to be where the plot is headed. However, the end of “Two-Timing Goldbergs” reveals that Barry is actually watching sports with her father, Murray’s best friend. It allowed the couple to get through the pain of losing Murray and was one of the few cases where gold mine Season 10 has suffered serious losses.

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in spite of gold mine Admittedly, season 10 dealt with the family’s grief over the loss of Murray, who was almost completely eliminated in the premiere of the first season. In that episode, each family found their own ways to deal with the loss, but the sudden death doesn’t seem to bother them since. gold mine As a sitcom, season 10 really needs to maintain a lighthearted tone, the series still revolves around the family and their ability to move on after the sudden and unexpected death of their father seems harsh, callous and unbelievable.

Why is the plot of ‘The Goldbergs’ season 10 so weird

goldberg murray and beverly

from gold mine Since the premiere of the first season, it has not been made clear how the loss of Murray will affect Adam (the main character) or Beverly (his wife), seeing as “Dual Time Goldberg” acknowledges the loss to Barry and Lenny’s father. gold mine It’s not mentioned how the loss affects Erica (who recently gave birth to Murray’s first grandchild), so focusing on Lenny’s father seems like a straightforward approach to the story. strange skewers. for equality, gold mine In addition to this plot, season 10 has other issues to deal with. though, gold mine The episode still feels out of sync with the rest of season 10, as the final outing deals with Murray’s death in the most roundabout way possible.

episode gold mine Season 10 airs Wednesdays on ABC

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