The lieutenant returns to town to meet the Bli᧐d Rescuṇse Pit Bull with whom he has befriended

Stevie was blind due to a degenerative eye disease, and Deputy Reeves would spend hours looking after the fledgling child. When Stevie was adopted into a wonderful family, the deputy was relieved to learn that his friend’s troubles were finally over.

Years later, Deputy Reeves was in another town when he received one of the most shocking news – Stevie had been brutally tortured by some dogs.

His family was traumatized by the incident, so they let him go. That’s when Deputy Reeves went to his friend and asked him to watch over Stevie.

In this video clip, we see Deputy Reeves going to Stevie after Stevie survived the attack. Although not sure if the blind dog remembers him or not, Stevie recognized the presence of his old friend and ran into his arms.

Deputy Reeves couldn’t hold back his tears as he hugged Stevie’s ruined body with a broken heart.

Later in the video, Deputy Reeves’ eyes fill with pain as he mentally explains what Stevie means to him. Stevie has certainly had an unpredictable journey, but he’s in safe hands now.

He is recovering well in his foster home and Deputy Reeves will constantly monitor him and make sure he lives the life he deserves. What an extraordinary love bond!

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