The Office’s Hilarious “It’s Happening!” Reaction Meme Explained

The Office has spawned a lot of funny memes, and here’s how the Season 5 episode “Stress Relief” spawned the hilarious “It’s happening!” meme.

favorite sitcom office Spawning many funny memes, it’s the show’s hilarious “It’s happening!” reaction meme that explains it.This might be the best period of the decade since office The last episode aired, but the series remains as popular as ever.Part of its enduring appeal lies in how absurdly it riffs on the grind of 9-to-5—from often ridiculous workplace politics to cringe-worthy bosses like office Michael Scott (Steve Carell) or an eccentric co-worker like Dwight Schrute.

Of course, it helps, because many of the funniest moments office has been immortalized in meme form.In the Season 7 episode “Search Committee”, Pam Halpert (née Beasley) distracts Creed Bratton by asking him to find the differences between two identical images , which spawned the brilliant “They’re the same picture” meme, while Jim Halpert’s habit of breaking the fourth wall resulted in “Looking at the camera like I’m in office” – the go-to meme showing how ridiculous the situation has become.

one office A fan-favorite episode is the classic “Stress Relief,” which spawned another hilarious meme. The two-part episode of season five features a cold open in which Dwight decides to teach his colleagues a lesson after they failed to pay attention to his fire safety speech, in which he shows how unprepared they are for emergencies. To do this, Dwight blocks the exits and cuts the phone lines, then sets fire to the trash can. Chaos ensues as Dunder Mifflin falls into an “every man and woman for himself” situation, causing Stanley Hudson to suffer a heart attack and Dwight being reprimanded and stripped of his safety officer office The scene below.

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Dwight’s plan to increase workplace safety awareness may have backfired, but Mikay’s reaction to the fire drill – running and flapping his wings while saying: “OMG! Well, things are happening! Everyone, calm down!” – indeed resulted in one of the best office The meme of all time. The “It’s happening!” meme features a screenshot or gif of Michael’s reaction after a “decompression” cold open and is often used to express intense excitement or panic. It’s become a fairly popular reaction meme for highly anticipated moments, such as Marvel announcing a new movie, and has been especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic as a reaction to the panic and confusion it has caused.

popular behavior office Yes, rumors of a possible reboot have been met with mixed opinions.However, what is interesting is that these various rumors have made fans office This is the perfect opportunity for memes to say “It’s Happening!” again to express their excitement about a potential revival or panic that their favorite show might be rebooted unnecessarily.

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