The owner discovered his unapproachable rooster napping everywhere he could

A three-year-old rooster loves to nap. Roosters like to sleep wherever and whenever possible as long as they stay away from their mother.

His bedtime became a “Where’s Wright?” game. He challenges his family to find his whereabouts. Garcia would rather sleep in peace than be seen or found.

Garcia likes to sleep wherever he feels comfortable. Roosters chase flies and get stuck wherever they can.

The rooster likes to hide his head in the ground. He’s nervous when he wakes up. He was always strange and unpleasant in his own way.

It will take you a few minutes to find the rooster and longer if the rooster walks around and feels like it is sleeping.

Waiting time should not exceed 50 minutes. The rooster has a unique nature, which is why it is loved and respected.

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Source: HIS Education

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