The Sims 4: How To Move Objects Up

The Sims 4 is best known for its expansive customization options that let players tailor almost every aspect of their game to their liking. Interior design is no exception, and many players love designing rooms and homes that suit their Sims style – whether it’s a cozy studio apartment or an entire mansion. However, players who want a little more customization, or those looking to do more complicated builds, may want to know how to move objects up.

Players can move objects on the wall up and down along the wall or lift regular objects off the ground. If the game doesn’t let players move an object up and down the wall normally, players will need to use cheats to do it, unless they want to start exploring Sims 4’s extravagant mod community. Firstly, players will need to be in Build Mode for this to work. To enter Build Mode, players need to select the large circular Build Mode icon in the top right corner of the screen. It can also be accessed immediately by pressing F3.

Moving Objects Up in Sims 4 Normally

Players can only access Build Mode once they’re actually playing the game, not in Create-a-Sim mode.

For most paintings, windows, shelves, and other wall objects, players will be able to move them up and down on the wall automatically by aiming at different points on the wall. Players who don’t want to use the grid system simply need to hold the ALT button while placing objects in Sims 4, and they’ll be able to put the object anywhere on the wall they like.

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Changing Sims 4 Object Height With Cheats

Sims 4 Sim Cassandra Goth looking excited at a computer.

Players looking to change the height of regular objects (not wall objects) in Sims 4 will need to use a cheat first. To do this, players simply need to press the CTRL + Shift + C buttons at the same time to open up the cheat text box. In this box, players need to type “bb.moveobjects on.” By doing this, players will be able to place objects anywhere, including places where they intersect other objects.

Normally in Sims 4, cheats will need to be turned on by pressing CTRL + Shift + C and then typing in testingcheats true or testingcheats on. This is not necessary to do before activating the move object cheat in Sims 4, but it may be useful for other needed tweaks later.

After enabling the moveobjects cheat in Sims 4, players can select the object they want to move and press the 9 key. This key incrementally increases the object’s height, so players can press it repeatedly until it’s at the height they want.

To lower the object again, players need to press the 0 key. Once the object is at the correct height, players will need to hold the ALT key to further adjust it into place. After activating this Sims 4 cheat players should be able to create more intricate rooms and designs in the game with ease, but there are a few cheats more that might be useful in the process as well.

Sims 4 Build Mode Cheats

Students sitting in a classroom in the video game Sims 4

Besides the moveobjects cheat, Sims 4 also offers a variety of other options for players looking to build without worrying about money or logic. Use the following cheats to really tap into Build Mode’s possibilities:

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FreeRealestate On

This cheat makes it possible to buy any property in Sims 4 for $0.


With this cheat activated, players can build on whatever property they want, including public spaces.


Using this code will reveal hidden items not normally accessible. Best used if combined with the code below and accessed with through the DEBUG menu.


Utilizing this code will let players have access to Build items normally only used by the game’s designers.


This cheat will let players build and buy certain items that are normally locked behind a progression gate, like a career path.

After activating the cheats above, be sure to head to the Build/Buy menu and type in DEBUG to access all the new features, and happy building!

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