The Witcher: How Netflix’s Bathtub Scenes Are Different From The Game

When Netflix came out that wizard In December 2019, many fans were excited to see protagonist Geralt (played by Henry Cavill) repeatedly find himself in the bathtub. The excitement not only comes from seeing Cavill’s chiseled nude photos, but also because these bathtub scenes are accurate. witch 3one of the video game adaptations of the story.

that wizard Television show and video game based on fantasy novels and short stories by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Witches are rare mutants that hunt monsters at high prices. This Netflix series tells the intertwined story of the gray-haired witch Geralt, his lover and sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and Ciri (Freya Allen). This is a young princess who flees her homeland in pursuit of her grandmother, Queen Calanthir, who was killed in a brutal attack in neighboring Nilfgaard.

So why fans? that wizard Seeing Geralt so excited in the bathtub? It stems from a particularly memorable shot from a video game cutscene.

The Witcher 3 Bathtub Scene

witch 3 Released in 2015, its opening scene shows Geralt lying in a wooden tub next to a roaring fireplace in a spacious room in the sorcerer Kaer Morhen’s stronghold. He was sprawled, arms and legs dangling from the wet, rustic tub. At one point, he is shown upright as the water sparkles over his body. It’s another thing to see Geralt calm and peaceful, with his bold, brave lifestyle. Yennefer lay naked on the couch across from the room. She drops a magical creature into the water, disrupting his tranquility and prompting Geralt to begin training Ciri in the ways of a witch.

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No wonder the screenshot of this particular scene has become a fan meme witch 3 – specifically a particular scene of Geralt not crossing his ankles and placing his feet apart on the side of the tub. This image is used to illustrate ultimate satisfaction, comfort and relaxation.

Bathtub scene in Netflix’s The Witcher

Mage - Geralt and Yenneferbas

When it comes to the Netflix version that wizard, there are two different bathing scenes. They appeared in episodes 4 and 5. Bathing in the fairies in episode 4 wasn’t easy. In this scene, Geralt is bathing, and Jaskill (Joey Batey), a troubadour who has noticed the witcher’s deeds, pours water over Geralt and playfully adds bath salts. A loner, Geralt responded to Jaskill with a grunt. He is unhappy when the troubadour calls him a friend, or when he is reluctant to discuss his plans to attend a royal banquet. Things were tense to say the least.

Bathtub scene in episode 5 that wizard is something completely different and more akin to the things in video games. In it, Geralt bathes with Yennefer. The two sat with their backs to each other in a large bath in a candle-lit room. Unusually, he smiles and flirts as the two discuss a business deal. Yennefer doesn’t flinch Violet, he hits him, he emerges from the water and she stays, lowering herself into deeper water.

The witch bath scene is a tribute to the game

Henry Cavill as the Wizard Geralt

Although the difference from the original scene is quite significant witch 3they’re definitely a nod to that hugely popular scene. that wizardShowrunner Lauren Hissrich confirmed this. collider:

“Obviously we don’t adapt video games. Video games are also book adaptations, so they come from the same source as we do. But I also know that, as a person. America, many [people], especially American audiences, most are familiar with the game. They don’t even know the books exist. So they’re part of our fan base and just wink and nod to tell them we see them too. “

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Cavill, a video game fan, also went out of his way to pay tribute witch 3 By recreating the bath scene more accurately. Unfortunately, the design of the bath is not in his favor. “I want to lift my legs but I can’t, the tub is not in the right shape‘ Cavill lamented.But I think it might be a bit too. “Maybe another bath opportunity will arise in that wizard Season 2.

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