Themba Gorimbo Religion: UFC Fighter Family Ethnicity and Origin

Themba Gorimbo, a welterweight mixed martial artist (MMA) representing Zimbabwe and affiliated with the MMA Masters team, has gained recognition in the fighting world. Born on January 23, 1991, he is also known by the moniker “The Answer.” Standing at a height of 1.85 meters and weighing 77 kilograms, he adopts an orthodox fighting stance. His professional fighting record boasts 11 wins, four losses, and no draws. Among his victories, one resulted from a (T)KO, while he secured six wins through submissions. In a recent match held in Las Vegas, NV, Gorimbo faced off against Takashi Sato, a Japanese striker with 16 wins and seven losses. The bout concluded with Takashi Sato winning via unanimous decision after three rounds, each spanning 5 minutes.

Themba Gorimbo Religion

Themba Gorimbo’s proficiency and accomplishments have drawn attention within the MMA realm. Furthermore, a remarkable gesture from Dwayne Johnson, where he gifted Gorimbo a house, has brought Themba’s religious beliefs into the spotlight, enhancing his profile. Although speculation about his Christian affiliation has arisen, Gorimbo’s religious stance has not been officially confirmed. The meeting between Gorimbo and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has thrust him into internet fame. Johnson kept his promise to help Gorimbo after learning about his struggles as an MMA fighter with minimal financial resources. Documented on social media, Johnson surprised Gorimbo at a gym and revealed a leased house in Miami that he had arranged for him.

Themba Gorimbo originates from Zimbabwe and has been selflessly directing his UFC earnings toward funding a well-construction project in his village. A touching moment transpired when The Rock accompanied Themba to a Miami apartment, initially disguising the encounter as a meeting with a friend named Jay. As they explored the apartment, Themba identified family photos on the walls as his own, coming to the realization that this was his new home. Filled with gratitude, Themba extended his appreciation to Johnson for the remarkable gesture and made a promise to strive for championship glory. Competing in the welterweight division, Themba Gorimbo proudly represents the MMA Masters team, bearing the moniker “The Answer.”

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Hailing from the small district of Bikita in eastern Zimbabwe, he has not extensively discussed details about his parents or ethnicity. Reports suggest that Themba Gorimbo experienced the loss of his mother at the age of nine, followed by his father four years later. Yet, information about his siblings remains scarce, leaving questions about whether he is his parents’ sole child. Themba is married, as indicated by a framed photo within the house gifted by Dwayne, featuring him alongside a presumed wife and two children. While collecting funds to relocate his family from Zimbabwe and secure them a home, the MMA fighter had been making do on a gym couch. Nevertheless, specifics about his wife’s name, birth date, age, and profession remain undisclosed. As previously mentioned, Themba Gorimbo’s bank balance had a meager $7 prior to his inaugural UFC victory. As of the current date in 2023, his exact net worth remains undisclosed.

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