There’s 1 Sequel Jackie Chan Still Needs To Make (It’s Not Rush Hour 4)

rush hour 4 Reportedly in the works, but supposed Jackie Chan sequel is long-discussed Shanghai Dawn. After starring in Hong Kong action films in the 1970s and 1980s, Jackie Chan achieved coveted success in Hollywood at the end of the 20th century.After the first sensation rumble in the bronx In 1996, Jackie Chan broke out in full force in the 1998 action comedy blockbuster Rush houra police comedy in which he starred opposite Chris Tucker. Rush hourThe huge success also spawned two sequels, rush hour 2 and rush hour 3.

Jackie Chan announced at Red Sea Film Festival Rush hour 4 Under development, but Rush hour This wasn’t Jackie Chan’s only hit buddy comedy at the turn of the century. 2000s Shanghai Noon He collaborated with Owen Wilson on “The Old West” and released its sequel in 2003 Shanghai Cavaliers. The third film in the series, Shanghai Dawnand has been discussed regularly in the years since Shanghai Cavaliers. rush hour 4 After a series of false starts, and rush hour 4 seems more likely to happen, Shanghai Dawn is an unmade Jackie Chan sequel that should have been greenlit.

The Rush Hour franchise has run its course

when Rush hour Released for the first time, Jackie Chan plays Inspector Lee and Chris Tucker plays the best friend. Rush hour“Detective James Carter” feels fresh and unique, making people look forward to their return. rush hour 2. Set in Hong Kong, the film subverts the fish-out-of-water concept of the first film and introduces the most terrifying villain in the series, Hu Li (played by Zhang Ziyi). rush hour 3Unfortunately not only does it not offer anything new other than the same tired Rush hour Template, but a smaller version of it, with much weaker action scenes.

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this Rush hour The franchise was only briefly resurrected Rush hour TV series in 2016, but rush hour 3 This shows that there is a limit to how far the franchise model can go. rush hour 3 Surprisingly, it has done little to take advantage of its Paris environment (such as recruiting District 13 cast to save its action scenes), while Jackie Chan and Tucker didn’t have the comedy material that the first two films had Rush hour Movie. common, rush hour 3 How many originals are shown Rush hourThe energy in the team has dissipated.

Shanghai franchise potential is greater

Shanghai Noon Owen Wilson Jackie Chan

this Shanghai The movie has a similar buddy comedy conceit Rush hour trilogy, but they also added more creativity and variety, giving each installment a unique novelty.this is a thing Shanghai Dawn It’s easy to build on this. Shanghai NoonThe Old West setting perfectly complements the comedic banter between Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, as well as Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong-style action scenes. Shanghai Cavaliers More importantly, he brought Wang Chun and Roy O’Bannon to Victorian London and introduced Wang Chunlin’s sister (played by Fan Wenfang). Shanghai Cavaliers It also greatly improved mobility Shanghai Nooneven letting Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen play the villain Wu Zhou.

this Shanghai The series more broadly taps into everything Jackie Chan is known for and is good at, and their deliberate anachronism is half the fun of both films. Shanghai DawnThe 19th century (or early 20th century) time frame makes almost any new setting a new and exciting experience for the series.Most importantly, the time difference Shanghai Cavaliers would effectively make it a traditional sequel with adventure elements, bringing back the older generation of Chon Wang and Roy O’Bannon in a possibly more outlandish way Logan formula.

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Why “Rush Hour 4” will be released before “Shanghai Noon 3”

Lee and Carter observe Ricky Tan's body from above in

As for why rush hour 4 in advance Shanghai Dawn, which depends on the commercial viability of the former.Although both Shanghai The movies were very popular and each movie was a moderate success at the box office.compared to Rush hour Movie, Shanghai The film gradually built a reputation as it became a cult classic.Despite the box office slump rush hour 3this Rush hour The film still achieved the higher box office gross of the two series.

Generally speaking, Rush hour Movies also penetrate the cultural zeitgeist more deeply than movies ever do. Shanghai Movie.The presence rush hour 3 This itself proves that, with Shanghai Dawn Real momentum for any actual production was never achieved.The backstory of each franchise suggests there’s a greater urgency behind the scenes Rush hour back to theater than Shanghai Movie.

Will “Shanghai Noon 3” really be released?

Shanghai Cavaliers image

Chen clearly prioritizes rush hour 4Opportunity Shanghai Dawn The incidence appears to be relatively low.Since Jackie Chan’s numerous harrowing stunts have left him with a series of injuries, this will be a consideration in whether he’s willing to do so Shanghai Dawn. There are also the usual questions about the script, budget, schedule and other logistical aspects of filmmaking, as well as whether Owen Wilson would be interested in returning.

That being said, Chan is actually talking about producing rush hour 4 This suggests that his many injuries are not the hindrances he thinks they are. In fact, Jackie Chan continues to perform impressive stunts and fight scenes into the 21st century.still, though Shanghai Dawn It’s certainly not impossible, but there doesn’t seem to be anything behind it like rush hour 4.

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regardless rush hour 4 The key to finally getting Lee and Carter back into action was getting it right.Jackie Chan has basically left American cinema behind, and as Jackie Chan is approaching 70, he might see rush hour 4 as the vehicle for the franchise to officially exit Hollywood and begin his Western career. is because it is possible, Shanghai Dawn Failure to get off the ground was arguably the most glaring missed opportunity of Chan’s career. If Jackie Chan is finally ready to bid farewell to Hollywood, one last rodeo would be more fitting than a final ride with Joey Wang and Roy O’Bannon.

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