These fur moms are smart. St.ray Cat brought all her children to the woman who gave her food and helped her

It was a special feeling to open the door and see the mother and the children waiting for breakfast.

This woman, Lisianne, from Quebec definitely radiates the energy of a cat lover. She befriends a small cat that once found its way into her garden. She often feeds the feral cat and gives Usagi a lot of affection, as she calls the cat.

One fine morning, Usagi arrives at the garden as usual, but this time she has a surprise. Standing on Lisianne’s porch is a small family of seven, Usagi and her six adorable children. It’s definitely the best surprise anyone has ever received.

She knows good and beautiful people! Lisaanne is such a warm person. When Usagi gave birth to her children and came to pick her up, she immediately accepted them without hesitation. She gave them a whole room in the house and took care of them for a while.

When the kittens were about 6 months old, she contacted a local animal shelter, hoping they would help her find permanent homes for them. Although she couldn’t care for them all, Lisianne decided to keep Usagi with her, but she spayed the mother cat to protect her from future pregnancies. The remaining five kittens were put up for adoption.

Why is it so precious! Thank you for your compassion and kindness to the mother cat and her family. She can trust you when she knows you’ll feed them!

What are you going to do with all these precious kittens? Hopefully that woman has kept them all and will give them a loving home. What a sweet and precious family!

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God bless all beautiful cats and human families!

Such a wonderful woman, she will be blessed!!

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