This couple thought they adopted a little pig, but it grew to a cute 670 pounds

There are times when life doesn’t give you exactly what you want, it gives you what it thinks you need. What Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter of Canada received was a blessing in disguise.

They adopted a pig, exchanging the creature for a small piglet. The couple agreed to keep her, and now they realize it was the best decision they’ve ever made.

Then they called her Esther. Now, two years later, Esther is no longer a piglet. She now weighs 667 lbs and has turned into a full size commercial pig.

This experience changed Steve and Derek’s lives. Esther gave them love and friendship they will never forget. It turned out to be a friendly, but also intelligent, creature.

Obviously, pigs are intelligent animals like dogs and are considered by many to be cleaner animals. After adopting Esther, Steve and Derek became vegans because they couldn’t bear the thought of feeding other smart and friendly pigs.

Their lives were so profoundly affected by Esther’s presence that they were inspired to build an animal shelter. Esther also bonded perfectly with roommates and other animals.

She plays with her master. Steve and Derek managed to raise enough money on Indiegogo to open their own animal sanctuary.

The couple said that raising pigs is not an easy job because it is really tiring. These creatures also require a lot of food as well as attention. But all their efforts paid off as Esther became part of their little family. A touching and inspiring story, do you agree?

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