This unfortunate maple syrup poster has got people giggling… so can YOU spot what the problem is?

THIS unfortunate maple syrup poster has gone viral, after some dirty-minded internet users drew comparisons between the dripping bottle and something slightly ruder.

The advert for State Of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup has got everyone giggling on Reddit, despite its innocent message.


This image has gone viral with dirty-minded users on Reddit and ImgurCredit: Reddit

The poster features an image of Vermont’s state’s borders, which could be compared to the body of a man.

While it’s the inclusion of a dripping bottle of maple syrup that has really got people cracking up.

The picture of the poster was shared by Redditer OneBakingPanda in the early hours of this morning – and has already been viewed more than 9,000 times – racking up hundreds of comments.

If you still can’t spot the issue, IrrelevantLeprechaun has summed it up in his comment.

He wrote: “The real reason is that the valve for the syrup attached to the state shape looks like a penis with a wee hand reaching down to it.”

Wh8ile badhombre84 joked: “Looks like Vermont man caught a case of the drips”.

And cream_fraiche wrote: “As our friends the across the pond would say, they’re taking a piss.”

However, some people questioned if the glaring similarities could really be a mistake.

thxxx1337 said: “Looks too intentional to be crappy design” and TheGreyMage agreed, adding: “This has got to be on purpose.”

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Or have a look at this gallery of totally innocent photos which will prove you have a dirty mind.

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