Thunder Rosa Injury Update, What Happened to Thunder Rosa?

Thunder Rosa Injury Update: Get the latest on Thunder Rosa’s injuries as the Mexican-American professional wrestler shares her rehab journey and hopes to return to the wrestling ring after dealing with a back injury. Stay informed about the latest happenings, discover intriguing facts and gain valuable insights through interesting and informative general articles on Fresherslive!

Who is Thunder Rosa?

Thunder Rosa, whose real name is Melissa Cervantes, is a prominent Mexican-American professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist. She currently competes in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and holds the title of former AEW Women’s World Champion. During her career, she showcased her talents in various wrestling promotions, including World Wonder Ring Stardom (Stardom), Impact Wrestling (Impact), and the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

Fans of the wrestling-based TV series Lucha Underground may recognize Melissa Cervantes as Kobra Moon, the powerful leader of the Reptilian Tribe, appearing in seasons 2 through 4. During her time on the show, she achieved victory by winning the Lucha Underground Trios Championship alongside Dag and Jeremiah Snake.

After Lucha Underground, Cervantes continued to make her mark on the independent circuit, taking the name Serpiente in Women of Wrestling (WOW) during 2018. Her dedication and skill led her to capture the 2019 NWA World Women’s Championship.

In addition to her successful wrestling career, Melissa Cervantes is a pioneer in women’s wrestling. She is the founder and owner of Mission Pro Wrestling (MPW), a respected Texas-based independent promotion focused on providing opportunities and promoting women’s wrestling talent.

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Outside of the wrestling ring, Melissa Cervantes has also tried her hand at mixed martial arts, debuting in 2019 at Combate Americas. With her diverse talents and passion for wrestling, Thunder Rosa continues to captivate audiences and inspire aspiring athletes in the world of professional wrestling.

Thunder Ross injury update

As of July 2023, Thunder Rosa, a Mexican-American professional wrestler, is still on the road to recovery from a back injury that forced her to withdraw from the AEW Women’s World Championship on August 24, 2022. Over the past 11 months, she has been actively rehabilitating her injury while pursuing other aspects of the wrestling business to stay connected with her fans.

Despite the challenges, Rosa remains hopeful of returning to the ring and has seen positive progress on her road to recovery. She runs her own vlog, manages social media, and hosts Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreco, while being involved with Mission Pro Wrestling, her Texas-based independent promotion dedicated to women’s wrestling.

What happened to Thunder Rosa?

In August 2022, Thunder Rosa faced an unfortunate setback when she had to vacate the AEW Women’s World Championship due to a back injury. Fans were shocked and disappointed to see her relinquish the title without losing it in a match. Her injury affected her physically and mentally, making the road to recovery challenging.

However, she has been transparent about her progress, documenting it on her YouTube channel. Recent MRI results showed positive signs, no more tears on her back and she was able to train without pain. Thunder Rosa’s dedication to her healing journey and optimism about a potential return to the ring have been inspiring to her supporters.

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Thunder Rosa’s injury

Thunder Rosa faced a significant setback last year when she had to forfeit the AEW Women’s World Championship due to a back injury. Her rehabilitation process has been physically and mentally demanding, but recent MRI results have shown positive progress, giving hope for her eventual return to the ring.

While there is no confirmed timeline for her return, Thunder Rosa’s dedication to recovery and her passion for wrestling continue to fuel optimism about her return.

News about Mexican professional wrestler Thunder Rosa

As of now, Thunder Rosa’s road to recovery from her back injury continues. Although she has been actively involved in other aspects of the wrestling business, her focus remains on getting back in the ring. There have been positive signs of her return, and she has been training with Shoichi Funaki in San Antonio.

However, the specific schedule of her return to the ring has not yet been confirmed. Fans and the wrestling community are eagerly anticipating Thunder Rose’s return to the AEW roster, where she previously held the prestigious title of AEW Women’s World Champion.

Training and return of Thunder Rosa

After almost a year away from the ring, Thunder Rosa is hard at work preparing for her potential return. She trained with a professional athlete trainer in San Antonio and a physical therapist who supported her during her time in MMA and professional wrestling. Rosa is focused on achieving the best possible physical condition for a safe return to the ring.

While she is excited about the prospect of wrestling in AEW again, she is careful not to rush her return and to put her health and well-being first. Wrestling comes with inherent risks and Rosa is praying that her return will be a positive one, both for her and her opponents.

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Thunder Rosa’s road to recovery was full of challenges. She has been transparent about her injury, documenting her progress on her YouTube channel. The last 11 months have been a mix of positive and challenging days, typical of the recovery process. However, recent MRI results were encouraging, showing there were no tears in her back and she was able to train without pain.

Thunder Rosa’s training regimen includes working with the athlete’s professional trainers and physical therapists to ensure he returns to the ring in the best possible physical condition. While she hopes to wrestle again in AEW, she is careful not to rush her return and is prioritizing her health and safety.

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