Tired Of iPhone? How To Try A Samsung Phone Without Buying One

Samsung just released a new web app that allows iPhone owners to mimic Samsung’s Android interface right within iOS. Samsung has been no stranger to poking fun at Apple over the years, but essentially allowing people to try out a Samsung smartphone on Apple’s own hardware might take the cake as the company’s best stunt yet.

Considering that Samsung and Apple are the two biggest names in the mobile tech space, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that both companies have taken their fair shots at each other. Samsung relentlessly mocked the iPhone for its notch and missing headphone jack, Apple regularly picks on Android’s poor OS adoption numbers, and the list goes on.

Now, Samsung has come up with something called ‘Samsung iTest.’ It’s being advertised by the company’s New Zealand division, but anyone can use the feature right now. After setting up Samsung iTest with a few taps, iPhone users can navigate a Samsung smartphone interface right on their iPhone — including navigating home screens, opening apps, and more. There’s something pretty remarkable about being able to use an Android interface on an Apple device, even if it’s essentially just an interactive web application.

How To Use Samsung iTest On iPhone Right Now

To set up and use Samsung iTest, the process is pretty simple. Open Safari on an iPhone and navigate to “https://itest.nz/.” Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen, scroll down the share page, and then tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’ Go back home, find the new Samsung iTest app shortcut, and tap on it to launch the experience.

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Once Samsung iTest is open, users are treated to an Android interface that’d be found on any modern Samsung phone. There are home screens with app icons, an app drawer, notification shade, and more. All of it can be navigated just like a real Samsung device, and many of the apps can even be used, too. Apps like Messages, Samsung Health, Galaxy Store, and even Settings are all functional, and while the content that’s presented is all pre-generated by Samsung, the core experience is very similar to an actual Samsung smartphone.

Not only could this be useful for people that are thinking about switching from iPhone to Android, the fact that anything like this exists in the first place is legitimately impressive. iTest may not actually put Android on an iPhone, but it mimics it to a really convincing degree — and Samsung deserves a lot of credit for that. Even if someone is perfectly content with their iPhone and doesn’t plan on switching any time soon, this is still worth checking out.

Source: Samsung

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