Toy Story 3 Easter Egg Reveals What Happened To Sid

ONE Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs Reveal What Happened After Sid Toy Story. The third installment of Pixar’s beloved animated series returns Woody and Buzz Lightyear for a very different kind of adventure. Toy Story 3 The story revolves around Andy going to college and accidentally donating toys to Sunnyside Day Care Center. It is here that Woody and his toy friends meet the evil stuffed animal Loso Hug the Bear, who runs the show.

a lot more Toy Story 3 Continue the series’ achievement of creating great villains. He shows the dark side of a toy that was abandoned by its original owner and is very different from the rest of the toys. toy story 2The villains Al McVigan and Stink Pete. However, Toy Story Originally started with a very different type of villain. While much of the movie is about Woody and Buzz’s rivalry, the real threat to them and the other toys is Sid, a neighborhood troublemaker who enjoys playing with Frankenstein toys together.

Sid’s story ends in Toy Story When Woody and other toys come to life in front of him, it terrifies the toy bully. toy story 2 No mention of Sid or what happened to him after this terrifying moment, but Toy Story 3 Easter eggs solve this dilemma. There’s a quick cameo by Sid in this movie that some people may not notice. When Woody thinks Andy’s mother has dropped his toys, he rushes to the dump to save them before the dump truck arrives. In this shot, we get a glimpse of the garbage collector, wearing a black shirt with a white skull underneath his overalls. This garbage collector is Toy StoryYears later, Sid is still wearing the same shirt as when he was young.

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this Toy Story 3 Easter eggs are just a small part of Sid’s life Toy Story, but better than nothing. Being a garbage collector might not seem like an appealing job to most people, but when Sid was in the movie, he seemed to enjoy the job. Toy Story 3.before toy story The villains seem to enjoy listening to music and collecting other people’s trash. It also makes sense that Sid likes things like this, since he’s been in the habit of breaking things since he was a kid. Now, he gets paid to pick up items around the city and crush them with a garbage truck.

There are also some other details gleaned from Sid’s life. Toy Story 3 guest. Since Sid was a garbage collector in the neighborhood he grew up in, there was a reason he never left the city. It’s even possible that he still lives with his family and has a neighborhood relationship with Andy. Toy Story 3 Many years have passed. He may have failed college or attended a local school so he could continue his job and be close to his mother and sister. Toy Story 3 Without revealing much about Sid’s life, it’s nice to have that little easter egg and show how much Pixar takes its movies seriously.

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