Turning Red’s Skateboard Has 3 Amazing Toy Story Easter Eggs

Like many other Pixar films, turn red There are various references to the Disney movies and one of the skateboard details actually contains three different references to the Disney movies Toy Story Franchising. turn red The film tells the story of four teenage friends in the early 2000s, one of whom is a skater and takes her skateboard to various points in the film. turn red audience can watch Toy Story The reference to the bottom of Miriam’s skateboard, besides being amusing, really continues the Pixar model.

The front of Miriam’s skateboard has a burgundy kitten sticker on it. This cat is actually Sox the Doraemon light yearthis Toy Story A spin-off series revolving around Buzz’s origin story. Nearly every Pixar film subtly references the studio’s next title, and the Red Sox stickers continue this trend, turn red And light year Release back to return. Miriam also has a “Starcommand” sticker on her skateboard, the Buzz Lightyear Space Alliance logo. Toy Story The reference is actually part of the board, with the skull painted on the underside, similar to the skull on Sid’s shirt in the first part. Toy Story.

Catching red can’t beat Toy Story 3’s Sid Easter Egg

Even though Sid was just the villain in the first movie Toy Story The character is referenced in several other Pixar projects in the film. Outside turn redReferences to Sid can also be found in Monsters, Inc. And Toy Story short film. Toy Story 3 Also mentions the series’ original villain and of all the Sid references, nothing can beat Toy Story 3Easter eggs – not even turn red.

exist Toy Story 3a garbage collector can be seen wearing the skull shirt that Sid wore in the first movie Toy Story. This hilarious Easter egg is intended not only to satirize Sid but also to let the audience know what happened to the character, which many viewers have wondered since the first movie. Sid’s voice actor, Erik von Detten, even returned to voice Sid in “Sid”. Toy Story 3to make the easter eggs even more amazing. When Miriam had Sid’s skull on her skateboard turn red is a delightful nod, it’s nowhere near as good as Sid’s cameo Toy Story 3.

Turning Red’s Red Sox Easter Eggs Support Pixar’s Theory

Panda turns red

While the other two references may not be as important, the Red Sox . sticker turn red Actually supporting the Pixar theory. The Pixar Theory is a popular fan theory that holds that every Pixar movie is connected as part of a timeline, with Pixar films capturing the beginnings of modern, life-like life. , apocalypse, etc. turn red The story takes place in 2002, and the Red Sox stickers help prove that it also fits Pixar’s theory.

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In spite of light year is Debuting in real life in 2022, light year It’s actually the universe movie that Buzz Lightyear toy is based on, it was released before Toy Story Happened in the 1990s. since then turn red The story takes place in 2002, Miriam is the perfect age to be a fan light yearher age means she is a child light year is rescue. While it may seem like a small detail, the Pixar Theory is based on small details, light year reference cement turn redposition in popular theory.

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