Twilight: Rosalie Cullen’s Dark Backstory Explained

this twilight Minor character Rosalie in Legends is one of the less-used members of the Cullen clan, but she has an interesting and shockingly dark backstory that makes her own story compelling.Catherine Hardwicke’s 2008 release twilight was the beginning of a series of blockbuster films based on Stephenie Meyer’s teenage romance phenomenon of the same name.

this twilight The saga may have been hated by critics, but the film was loved by fans, who felt that much of the novel’s appeal transferred well to the screen. In their over-the-top moments, dramatic, dramatic, and relatively self-aware, twilight The films are a relatively successful set of adaptations, even though their truncated runtime means there’s little opportunity for the films to showcase much of the interesting source material. Some elements are completely ignored, like the backstory of Rami Malek’s Benjamin, while others are briefly glimpsed but require more focus to truly shine.

However, some elements of twilight There’s simply no way a legendary story could translate effectively to film, like Rosalie Cullen’s backstory. This was briefly mentioned in a later film adaptation, eclipse, is compressed into a stylized sequence that feels out of place and oddly dark.But due to time pressure and family friendly rating twilight Rosalie’s dark past isn’t mentioned for too long in the series. A story of social division, betrayal and ultimate exploitation worthy of a cinematic take on rape and revenge, Rosalie’s Past is a very dark addition. twilightA lore that some readers may prefer to avoid, which makes it all the more strange that the film chose to retain this detail (even if, like Marcus’ Death Wish, it’s only included in a sanitized, briefer form).

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Rosalie lived in the 1920s

Rosalie was born into a working-class family in 1915, and her beauty meant that she was able to join the inaccessible upper class of New York society. Set in the Gilded Age of climbing love stories, Rosalie’s backstory begins with an extended reference to Fitzgerald’s novel. the great Gatsby Or any of Edith Wharton’s novels of the era. Initially, her story follows a young woman in love whose future looks bright, but unfortunately the flashbacks quickly turn dark (for her world, very dark) twilight) turn.

King Royce II

Rosalie in wedding dress

Rosalie’s love interest Royce King II twilight source novel, but nonetheless, the actor who plays the character (in some brief sepia-toned moments) beachfront empire Stars and the future Ben-Hur Actor Jack Huston (interestingly, Huston also played Jack Kerouac in the film) kill your baby In the same year his twilight Kristen Stewart co-stars in Kerouac biopic on the way).seen in flashback Dusk: Solar EclipseRosalie is immediately smitten with Royce, the heir to a large fortune, and the feeling is mutual. The two become engaged after a whirlwind romance, but one night when Rosalie is harassed by a group of men on her way through the city, she realizes one of them is a drunken Royce and confronts him. At this point, given the tone of the story, the story takes a completely dark turn. twilight series so far, this is one of the many points where the differences between the film and its source novel come into focus.

eclipse By 30 days of nights Helmer David Slade’s effort is the darkest film in the series, but due to its target audience and desire to avoid depicting triggering content, the film still doesn’t discuss Rosalie in detail fate. Although only indirectly mentioned in the film, in the original novel, Rosalie was gang-raped by Royce and his associates and left to die on the streets by the gang.It’s then that Carlisle Cullen saves her life by turning her into a vampire, following a shockingly bleak moment that starkly points to the class divide in America of that era, but whose The apparently unwarranted brutality is a serious surprise in the usual PG – rated world twilight.

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Rosalie’s Revenge

Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale

However, that’s not the end of Rosalie’s backstory, and the remainder ended up being even more compressed in the film adaptation, as without the creative freedom of an R-rating, there was little story left to depict.The vampire equivalent of a retelling I spit on your grave (and compressed into a rapid-fire montage in the film), Rosalie uses her newfound powers to hunt down and kill her attackers one by one. Rosalie’s horrific revenge rampage, which seduces and kills each of them in turn before finally ending up with Royce, would become a socially conscious horror film in its own right if given room to breathe and its cast of characters properly developed. Not rushing to the most important, most intense moments.

But as in twilight In the movie, it’s a bit of a tonally jarring brutal horror in a series centered on a teenage romance, and the potentially intriguing backstory never really meshes well with the lighter material around it. The point of the story is to show that real-life humans are just as capable of unimaginable evil as any of the supernatural villains in the series, and the story is well-crafted and the sensitive material is handled relatively well (albeit somewhat luridly). But after such a dark episode, it’s hard to care about Edward and Jacob’s story, and there’s no getting around how out of place the overtly adult content feels. While this sequence is effective, it casts a bleak pallor on a largely idealistic world. twilightin which few heroes die (none, in this case breaking Dawn’split endings), most endings are of the “happily ever after” variety.

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emmet and the bear

Emmett and Rosalie stand together

Fortunately, there is a glimmer of light at the end of Rosalie’s dark backstory, when a few years after her bloody revenge she encounters a dull but kind-hearted young boy who died after losing a wrestling match with a bear. The man became her companion, Emmett. It’s a lovely piece of work, the film’s cast thought it was worthy of a spin-off and may still get one, and the story does deserve to be retold, giving the filmmakers more creative freedom to tackle Rosalie Dark elements in the backstory without having to maintain a teen-friendly tone.Rosalie’s backstory may be one of duskThese are the darkest moments, but her romance with Emmett is a heartwarming story, as she nurses her partner back to health and slowly regains her ability to trust and open up to someone. The couple’s slow physical and mental recovery, and subsequent falling in love, is a compelling stand-alone story that could have been effectively realized by Slade or any unfettered and talented genre director. twilight series” has a (relatively) light-hearted tone.

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