Ukrainian cat cafe is still open to take care of cats and visitors even during the war

The cafe called Cat Cafe Lviv has been open for six years. Th Cafe is a small group whose members are close friends.

The cafe is still open. The owner of the cafe is Serhi Oliinyk. Visitors to the cafe are delighted because there are cats here.

Cats are also happy when people visit them because they love to be the center of attention.

Many Ukrainians are fleeing Ukraine, but this man is still in Ukraine. His family and cats still live in the cafe. The cats have lived here since they were 4 years old.

Despite the abuse, the coffee shop is still open, but there are few customers. Visitors come here to greet the cats. Cats change everyone’s day.

This is a safe place if there’s an air strike alert and there’s room for guests and cats to hide. These cats make the guest’s day a little positive.

Whatever happens, the cats and the Oliinyk family will be together. Pray for the whole country. Let there be peace on earth.

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