Unexpected: What Happened To Max Schenzel After Season 2 Of TLC Show

Max Schenzel is a Accident When his girlfriend, Chloe Mendoza, told him she was pregnant, he didn’t know what to expect. The reality TV star is excited about getting married because he’s never really had a family of his own, but the couple’s life is sure to be tough. After the show, the couple dropped out of school amid allegations of substance abuse and domestic violence. Since they broke up, Max has been in and out of prison, but after the last time, he can stand his ground again.

Jessica, Chloe’s mother, from the beginning thought he was a nuisance Accident second season. She doesn’t like him at all, and she warns her daughter that the relationship will only end in misery. However, Young Love’s absurdity transcends all logic. Chloe hoped they could raise their children together while she was at school in Arizona, but that didn’t happen.

Their relationship deteriorated after allegations of domestic violence emerged. Chloe posted a YouTube video on her channel corroborating the claims. Since then, the young mother has continued. Meanwhile, Max tries to justify his actions, but will he succeed?

Max just got out of prison and promises to be a different person. Despite the hate he received for the way he treated Chloe, the young father seemed to be in good spirits. Max has a YouTube channel where he posts a video that upsets many fans; In fact, live video is considered a complete disaster. The jokes were cheesy, and he resented the fans for not asking questions. Fans were also upset when he did not wear a mask when ordering food.

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Given their highly volatile relationship, it will be interesting to see if Chloe lets Max see their daughter. Hopefully they can develop a relationship where they can co-parent in a friendly way. That’s probably what’s best for their children. A child is not born to ask for it, and he should never be hurt by his parents’ actions.

other Accident Alumni have moved on to bigger and better things, including McKayla Adkins. However, McKayla was recently fired for buying a $2,500 wig. She also started OnlyFans and Max will probably follow in her footsteps. It will be interesting to see what else he can do now that he is free and has a whole new life.

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