Vader Unleashes Inferno Squad To Wipe Out Star Wars’ Best Bounty Hunters

The elite Inferno Squad is making a comeback when Darth Vader calls it back into action. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter The manga is bringing back the love of the fans frontline II A group with a new mission, showing how Star WarsBounty hunters are always looking to get into bigger and bigger troubles. has opened a call to release the comic this April, including some new details about Bellett Vallance and his Mortal Menace companions Star Wars Bounty hunters will be challenged. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter #33 There will be a creative team consisting of Ethan Sacks and Paolo Villanelli. Cover illustration by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Chris Sprouse’s Lucasfilm Anniversary edition.

Darth Vader wants to get the job done

Valance, Bossk, 4-LOM and Zuckuss will be the targets of the Inferno Squad at the behest of Darth Vader himself. The manga will also feature assassin droid IG-88, but the most intriguing is definitely Front II Hell Squad. The detachment took over Saw Gerrera’s Guerrilla Force and was part of Operation: Cinder. Their latest assignment may be one of their most exciting. Check the calls for information below:

Darth Vader’s Hell Squad Attack!

The Dark Lord has ordered one of the Empire’s deadliest commandos to wipe out VALANCE, BOSSK, 4-LOM and ZUCKUSS!

Meanwhile, the droid assassin IG-88 takes aim at another high-value target. But who is he looking for, and who hired him?

Featuring fan favorites from the popular video game STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II!

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Inferno Squad’s quest is not over yet

Star Wars Reveals New History of Empire's Hell Squad

Star Wars‘ Inferno Squad is in Star Wars II prequel novels, Star Wars II: Team Hell, Published in 2017. Although they have a few short comedies, the elite group has yet to receive prominent coverage in other media. This includes revelationcomic once in which they are in the vision of Darth Vader, a flashback sequence Hidden Empire #1Iden Versio appears on variant cover Bounty Hunter #28 Created by artist Taurine Clarke. Now they will make their full debut Bounty Hunter #32 And #33 In March and April.

So far, the case the bounty hunter happened before broken empire, where Action: Cinder is first mentioned. The goal of this campaign will eventually lead to the disbandment of the Inferno Squad as it worked before. This upcoming story might fill some of the gap between Hellsquad’s early activities and its eventual feud with the Empire, showing them at this point in time. Star Wars timeline. Iden Versio, Del Meeko, and Gideon Hask quickly became fan favorites following the release of the prequel. Now fans will be able to watch Darth Vader’s Hell Squad with some Star Wars‘best bounty hunter Bounty Hunter #33 Released April 12.

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