Valheim: How To Defend Against Trolls Attacking Your Base

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

It doesn’t take long to encounter trolls walheim, especially when looking for the best items in the Black Forest. Trolls are relatively slow so it’s easy to run away. But when trolls start attacking the player’s base, they can deal massive damage and destroy walls with ease. This article will provide some helpful tips to keep players’ bases safe from attack by Waalheim troll enemies.

Trolls have a lot of HP. They can use logs or thrown stones as weapons, which will quickly drain the player’s health. walheim Event alert like “the forest is moving” And”you are being hunted” means a group of enemies is about to attack the player’s base and one of them means a troll is on their way. When these events occur, a red circle surrounding the base is blocked. attack and the music will change.

According to Fandom walheim wiki,”the earth is shaking“the event that causes the troll to attack, only after the player defeats walheimElder Boss and kill at least one troll. Since they are difficult to deal with, it is best to have your best weapons ready before these troll attacks happen.

Best base defense against troll attacks

At the very least, the player should always have a hammer on hand – the more durable the better. Regular tool maintenance is wise walheim. Players can attempt to quickly repair the walls and doors of the fortress when attacked to ensure they are not destroyed and allow trolls and other enemies to enter. You should also repair walls during quiet times so that they are not easily destroyed when enemies appear.

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To build a strong base, the player can build one or two more rows of pile walls or stone walls. This way, even if the outer layer is destroyed, the base will still be protected. They can also use a pickaxe to dig a wide and deep moat around the base to keep them away from by Waalheim Then bridges can be built on it so that players can easily get in and out of the base. Players should also regularly have food in their inventory. Eating allows health and stamina to recover more quickly, which is especially important before battling tough creatures like goblins.

Especially with trolls, if the base is not well defended, the best way to protect it is to run outside and lure them away – preferably to an open area like grassland. Ranged weapons such as bows and arrows are part of walheimThe most useful weapons, they allow the player to slowly take away the troll’s health without getting too close. Wooden Arrows are the easiest to craft, but obviously, stronger arrows like Frost Arrow are better. Rockets only require plastic, wood, and feathers to craft and are more effective against goblins. Raw bows can be a bit difficult to aim, as players often have to shoot slightly higher than their target to hit their target, but since trolls are such large enemies, they work well in tough situations. A better bow, such as a premium wooden bow, means easier targeting, however, shots to the head deal the most damage. It might take some time, but running away from the trolls while shooting arrows at them is a very effective way to take them down.

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have at least one walheim It would help if the player shot more arrows, but a player could definitely defeat the troll alone if he had enough patience. Since the player cannot sprint, jump, or attack after their stamina bar is depleted, they should run away from the demon long enough for it to fully recover before attempting to shoot again. As players progress walheim And find better materials to make weapons and armor, and they will find it easier and easier to take down trolls. Defeating trolls also rewards players with useful items, such as troll skins and coins.

Source: Fandom Valheim Wiki

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