Vanessa Feltz, 61, shocks fans as she reveals her favourite sex position as she moves on from ex-Ben Ofeodu

VANESSA Feltz stunned fans by revealing her favorite sex pose on Celebs Go Dating.

The 61-year-old – who is looking for love on TV – didn’t hold back during a double date with co-star Chloe Burrows.


Vanessa Feltz surprised fans by talking about sex on TV Credit: Rex

Love islander Chloe quizzed their potential suitors on what they like in bed.

Vanessa turned to a surprised Chloe and insisted, “Ask me!”

“Reverse cowgirl every day of the week,” Vanessa replied.

“Yes of course.

“I like it. It keeps you fit.”

Speaking to the camera later, Vanessa said: “I wouldn’t say this is the dinner conversation I enjoy the most.

“Do I really want to know about this complete stranger’s sexual preferences.”

During a short break in the date, Vanessa begged Chloe if she could leave.

“This is a disaster. Where is his personality? Can I go home?”

After convincing her to stay an extra 20 minutes, Vanessa was heard shouting at the date after a misunderstanding in the conversation.

She was furious after the conversation apparently turned sexual – but her companion didn’t hear.

“I’ll leave,” Vanessa fumed.

“I don’t like it. I’m not happy.

“I’m going home. I don’t like it. It doesn’t suit me and I don’t like it one bit.”

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