VIDEO: Daily owl visits 98-year-old grandmother; The family thought it was a sign of the deceased grandfather

A grandmother is often visited by a talkative horned owl, who thinks the owl is a sign of her late husband.

Ranna, 98, said the owl flies in almost every day and lands on the balcony of her home in Phoenix, Arizona. The owl not only visited her but also chirped whenever it saw her.

Recently, her granddaughter Shai stopped by and filmed one of their sweet exchanges.

Ranna approached the owl unafraid of the old woman and began to howl.

Ranna shows her daughter that the owl has beautiful eyes.

Watch the extraordinary moment in the video below:

Shai says the owl only talks to her and she started visiting her a few months ago.

What a wonderful thing! Ranna and her owl remind us of the family who thought the cardinal’s visit was a message from their grandmother.

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