Videotapes. A desperate dog was finally rescued after accidentally falling into a pit

A dog without a shelter spent the night in a water pipe in an empty circle after appearing there. At the Mladenovac Dog Camp, the phone rang for a puppy.

When the rescue team approached the charities, it became clear where the dog was. The shaft is between the two houses on the meadow. The little black and white dog looks lonely and scared.

One of the Serbian lifeguards said that the puppy was very sweet and cuddly. The dog has a red collar. Neighbors don’t know her.

Now the dog is called Chupka. The dog was taken to an animal shelter. The puppy befriends one of the cats at the shelter. Unfortunately, the dog’s former owner has yet to be found. Today the dog has a wonderful family. It is loved and well cared for.

Here’s a video of a hopeless puppy:

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