Videotapes. The runner is approached by a seriously injured dog that happens to notice him

Once a jogger noticed a small dog named Lilac. The dog with a broken leg and jaw managed to survive by hiding under a car. Unfortunately, other dogs and unknown people seriously hurt the dog. Although the time of the benefactor had come, the dog came to greet them. The look on his face showed that he felt that he was saved.

A rescue company called Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs from New York took the dog to an animal hospital, where he received medical attention. Next, the vet checked that the dog had severe damage to its legs and jaw, as well as trauma.

Despite many injuries, the dog continues to wag its tail when someone cares and takes care of it. The dog is very intelligent and quite beautiful, very strong and very loving life.

A dog that spreads love, connection, and care. She has overcome difficulties, but is still very sociable. He is very open to people.

Veterinarians could not save his leg and did everything to cure the dog. Currently, the dog has only 3 legs but is being treated step by step. Lila thrives on the love and care the dog receives.

The dog fought for its life, but fortunately it is now alive and well. She received full love and care even though he lost his leg.

Here’s the whole dog story:

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