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Violaine Vanoyeke Age

People search Violaine Vanoyeka age on website so today in this blog we will mention Violaine Vanoyeka age. Violaine Vanoyeke was born on April 23, 1956, making her now 66 years old.

Who is Violaine Vanoyeke? Career

Violaine Vanoyeke is a French writer, poet, novelist, and writer. She wrote some of it together with her husband. She’s so controversial about her career and her abilities. She worked as a professor at the University of Nanterre for eight years. She is also the initiator of a new literary current, which she calls naivism.


  • The art of happy eyes
  • Harmony and art in poetry.
  • myth in poetry
  • City


  • clair de symphonies
  • Violaine Vanoyeke and Guy Rachet, Messalina, Paris, Robert Laffont
  • Druid
  • devil’s dung
  • The Schullers: The Schullers, The Oath of the 4 Rivers
  • Passionate
  • Murders at the Olympics

novels about ancient egypt

  • Pharaoh’s Secret
  • pharaoh’s secret
  • of pharaoh
  • Nitocris, princess of Egypt
  • magical stories of ancient egypt

Pharaoh’s Love Stories Series

  • Pharaoh love stories 1 Pharaoh love stories 2

The Pharaohs of the Sun series

  • Pharaoh. 1
  • Pharaoh. 2
  • Pharaoh. 3
  • Tuthmosis. 1
  • Tuthmosis. 2
  • Tuthmosis. 3
  • Amenhotep. 1
  • Amenhotep. 2
  • Amenhotep. 3
  • Nefertiti and Akhenaten. 1
  • Nefertiti and Akhenaten. 2
  • Nefertiti and Akhenaten. 3
  • Tutankhamun. 1
  • Tutankhamun. 2
  • Tutankhamun. 3
  • Yes, pharaoh. 1
  • Yes, pharaoh. 2
  • Yes, pharaoh. 3
  • Horemheb, king of Egypt. 1
  • Horemheb, king of Egypt. 2
  • Horemheb, king of Egypt. 3
  • Ramses. 1
  • Ramses. 2
  • Ramses. 3
  • Ramses III. 1
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Violaine Vanoyeke Wiki, Biography

Violaine Vanoyeke was born in Paris, France, where she was raised by her parents along with her brothers and sisters, making her a French national. Her nationality is Caucasian. She is a well educated woman. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Violaine Vanoyeke Husband, partner

Violaine Vanoyeke was married to PHilippe Engerer, who died in 2008. After her husband’s death, she wrote a book titled Murder: Even a hospital can kill!

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