Watch a 10-day-old puppy rescued from a pile of trash enjoying a warm bath in the tub

This is the touching moment a 10-day-old puppy enjoys being bathed in the tub. Although very young, the sweet girl has been given a second chance.

He was rescued along with his two brothers after they were thrown in the trash. All were found in critical condition, so a warm bath was important to regulate their body temperature. The rescue team that saved them captured the moment on camera and it was a bunch of cuteness!

Although puppies are temporarily safe, they still need a lot of attention and care. Even so, their chances of survival are still very slim because life without a mother from a young age sounds impossible. Even so, the people dedicated to this Dallas-based rescue went above and beyond to keep them all alive.

The rescue team explained: “It takes a very special person to adopt bottle-fed babies. “It’s not just a matter of feeding them every two hours and keeping them clean. You have to do almost everything. We try to make it as close to maternal care as possible. Never an alternative, but as close as possible. A warm bath helps a lot!”

In the short video below, one of the puppies can be seen lying on his back in the caretaker’s arms, enjoying a soothing bath. While watching a sweet scene always warms your heart, thinking about how those innocent souls got there in the first place makes you wonder how some people can so cruel!

Watch the clip below:

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