WATCH: Hasbulla Cat Abuse Viral Video, Russian influencer slammed for cat ‘abuse’ video

The famous Russian influencer Hasbulla is concerned about a new controversy. She was blamed for the cat abuse video. The video goes viral all over the internet. Netizens are very angry with Hasbull. He is being trolled on all social media platforms. People say “Shame on you”. Before, a lot of people loved him, but after this video, a lot of people are mad at him. And he gets dozens of hate comments. So we have collected a lot of information about this controversy and we will share every detail about this case. So, read the full article to know everything about this cat abuse controversy.

Hasbull’s cat abuse viral video

Hasbulla Magomedov is a well-known Russian social media personality and influencer. He was born in 2003. He is 20 years old. He is one of the shortest people in the world. The height of him is approx. 3 feet 4 inches. He is also known as Mini Khabib. He lives in Makhackala, Republic of Dagestan in Russia. He is very popular on social media. He is one of the sweetest people on the internet. He went viral on the internet by making videos on Tiktok. He is also very popular on Instagram, with more than 8 million Instagram followers. He posts a lot of comedy videos.

Hasbull's cat abuse viral video

Hasbulla went viral on the internet during Covid-19. The most viral video of her is when she mocks MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) artist “Khabib Nurmagomedov”. That video went viral on the internet and Hasbulla gained a lot of fame. He is muslim. He publicly shared his state of health. He said that he has growth hormone deficiency (GHD). This is a very rare condition. He also spoke of a time when he suffered from depression and anxiety.

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Hasbull's cat abuse viral videoHasbull's cat abuse viral videoHasbull's cat abuse viral videoHasbull's cat abuse viral video

He recently shared a video on his Instagram profile in which he abuses a cat. The video went viral on the Internet, and netizens began to receive a lot of negative comments. People on the internet share very different opinions about the video. After this video, she said in an interview that the video ruined her career. She posted that video with regret. She also said that she likes cats. She made that video just for fun. She asked people to stop abusing him. She said that he apologizes to anyone who was offended after watching the video. This is all about this case. Follow the Pkb news to find out more interesting news.

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