WATCH: Ivana Alawi leaked video scandal and controversy explained

In this article we will talk about the new viral video. The video was leaked and caused a lot of controversy. This leaked video is about the famous actress Ivana Alawa. Video of her leaked online. This leaked video is making the rounds on all social media platforms. Ivana is currently the trendiest person on the Internet. This leaked video has caused a lot of controversy. Now it is plagued with controversy. Now people are very curious to know more about her and her fans want to know the truth behind this video. People want to know what’s inside the video. So we are here to tell you all about this leaked viral video. So, please read the entire article till the end and don’t miss any line or paragraph of this article if you want to know every detail of this case. Let’s dive into this article now.

Ivana Alawi released the video to the public

Moroccan-Filipino actress, model, and social media influencer Ivana Alawi. She was born in Manila, Philippines on December 25, 1996. Ivana began her career as a model in commercials before taking up acting. She became famous in the Philippines thanks to her participation in numerous dramas and television shows. In recent years, Ivana has gained popularity as an influencer on social media, especially on YouTube and Instagram. She founded her YouTube channel in 2018 and by May 2023 she had earned more than 16 million subscribers. She offers vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle material.

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ivana alawi

She has more than 18 million followers on her Instagram account, where she shares photos of her style and lifestyle. Ivana is a favorite among her followers due to her pleasant personality and her approachable demeanor. She continues to be a household name in Philippine showbiz and social media despite her numerous honors for her acting and social media work.

ivana alawi

His leaked video went viral on the internet. She was involved in a huge controversy over this video. In the video, she was in an intimate moment. Later, everyone found out that the video was fake. This was shared by an unofficial account just to spread negativity against him. That video was shared just to spread hate against her. And some people who cursed at her told her that she was sorry after finding out that it was a fake video. This is all about this article. We share everything about Ivana Alawa. Therefore, follow the PKB news.

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